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Letter to the editor: Character matters

March 8, 2017


To the editor:

As an alumnus of the University of Kansas and a lifelong fan of the basketball team, some concerns this season have me wondering if it has just been my naivete that always made me believe our players were not only the best on the court, but also decent human beings (“KU basketball player Josh Jackson charged in car vandalism case; Self says he won’t bench ‘great ambassador for KU,’” Feb. 24).

In my imagination, Jackson and other Jayhawks are gentlemen who would defend the honor and dignity of a woman in a bar instead of kicking dents in her car as she was leaving. Despite all the drama in recent games, there is something missing this year for me, and I think it’s related to a growing impression that good character is no longer a prerequisite for representing KU on the basketball court.


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