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Riding your bike downtown? Make sure it’s legally parked as city crackdown begins

This file photo from August 2015 shows a bicycle parked on the sidewalk near a parking meter in downtown Lawrence.

This file photo from August 2015 shows a bicycle parked on the sidewalk near a parking meter in downtown Lawrence.

June 18, 2017


Starting Monday, bicycles parked illegally in downtown Lawrence will be tagged by the City of Lawrence, according to a news release from the city.

This means bicycles chained to trees, light poles, fire hydrants and traffic signs or otherwise parked improperly on the sidewalks.

The tagging, as the city calls it, is not a citation but consists of an educational “ticket” and a map designating legal parking areas in the downtown area.

The tag also includes a warning that illegally parked bicycles will be tagged, removed and stored by the Lawrence Police Department.

The city says the tagging is a three-fold effort to reduce congestion on sidewalks, to increase awareness of and compliance with existing city ordinances and to encourage bicyclists to use newly designated bike corrals, as well as inverted-U bike racks and bike repair stations.

Further information can be found by contacting City Hall via email at or by visiting the city's website,, where cyclists can also find a map showing legal parking spaces.


Charlie Dominguez 9 months, 1 week ago

That's good use of taxpayer dollars. To heck with checking invoices....

Andy Adams 9 months, 1 week ago

What HUGE waste of tax dollars from the corrals to the policing effort. As a citizen I want those three parking spaces returned for vehicles use.

Just like the rezoning effort in East Lawrence....WASTEFUL gov't trying to justify their jobs. When will our leaders STOP listening to the squeaky wheel and open their minds to logic and common sense?

Carol Bowen 9 months ago

If the cyclists who use the bike corral drove instead, how many parking spaces would they use?

Andy Adams 9 months ago

Trick question. they're bicyclist. When did bikes being locked to trees, light poles, parking meters, become a problem? The City could've just as easily installed these "corrals" in areas along the sidewalks, with fewer spots, but more frequent locations. When I ride my bike downtown, I don't want to park it a block from where I'm going, or I would rather drive.

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