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Pedestrian struck by vehicle, flown to trauma center with serious injuries

June 14, 2017


A 22-year-old woman suffered serious injuries Wednesday morning after being struck by a vehicle in the 1800 block of Louisiana Street, according to a news release from the Lawrence Police Department.

Officers were dispatched to the north intersection of 18th and Louisiana streets at 7:55 a.m. and located the female pedestrian.

The woman was flown to an area trauma center for treatment. Police said that preliminary information indicates that a 1994 Ford F-150, driven by a 20-year-old woman, was southbound on Louisiana Street and struck the pedestrian, who was crossing the street westbound.

Police are investigating the incident and said alcohol may have been a contributing factor.

Further information, including an update on the pedestrian’s condition, was not available Wednesday morning.


Deborah Snyder 1 year ago

There are waaaaay too many vehicles cutting through this heavily cordoned off area because of construction projects along the entire southside of KU, and the 23rd/Ousdahl intersection restructure.

Drivers, SLOW THE HELL DOWN. I've witnessed people in their vehicles w/cells stuck to their ears or radios buh-lasting out their windows, NOT paying attention to anything or anyone while speeding to get wherever they think they're late to get to.

I hope with all my heart this woman doesn't carry scars or limp the rest of her life because of inattentive driving, or because she thought her neighborhood was safe to run through.

Theodore Calvin 1 year ago

The article says "alcohol may have been a factor." It didn't say anything about speed or inattentiveness. It also doesn't mention who may have been under the influence. Had it been the driver then you may have a point. Had it been the pedestrian, as a driver, you can't account for every variable on the road. If a drunken person stumbled out in front of the vehicle without any time for the driver to react, your reaction may be misplaced.

Clara Westphal 1 year ago

I wish newspapers would not make the statement "alcohol may have been involved". It is taken by most readers as fact that the driver was intoxicated. I know a young man whose boss read that about the accident and the company would not pay his sick leave. It was not alcohol but a medical condition.

Theodore Calvin 1 year ago

...furthermore, with that area all torn up, what are drivers supposed to do? The city is pretty much forcing motorists onto neighborhood streets when it tears up major thoroughfares and intersections.

Don Brennaman 1 year ago

How about putting the phone down?

Jillian Andrews 1 year ago

Because we think less of people with scars or limps? God forbid we have another disabled person on the planet! They are so yucky....amiright?

Dave McClain 1 year ago

Good points Mr. Calvin. Jumping to conclusions without facts seems to be the norm in many areas of our Country today.

Rick Aldrich 1 year ago

Pray the pedestrian is doing okay and has a quick recovery.

Rick Aldrich 1 year ago

On a side note, This morning I had a college age young man step out into the street from infront of a parked van with headphones on and reading his phone. Made ZERO effort to look either direction for cars coming. I honked my horn and stopped my vehicle to not hit him. And what did I get? Hey took his headphones off and started calling me a F-------, so I politely told him he better start looking both directions if he wanted to live longer. So it's not just drivers who get distracted by their phones.

Carol Bowen 1 year ago

Cell phone use is addictive. It's hard to imagine how and why a pedestrian could be so focused on a cell phone. Drivers who are using cell phones don't like to be interrupted either. The attitude is the same, many times.

RJ Johnson 1 year ago

Mother natures natural selection process!

Richard Heckler 1 year ago

FYI - talking on cell phones while driving has been equated to DUI by some authorities.

I believe local law enforcement does have the authority to warn drivers and/or issue a citation for "inattentive driving". Though not enforced to the best of my knowledge.

Ginger Doan 1 year ago

I am the victim's mother. My daughter has been in the hospital in critical condition for a week with both legs broken, arm broken, a fractured back, lascerated liver, and a host of complications. She was crossing the street on her way to campus where she had the right of way, and was yielded by another vehicle. The driver that hit her was going 42 in a 25, and was intoxicated and driving home after a night of partying. My daughter is a PhD student on a full scholarship and is responsible and a good person. Thank you for those of you who have offered their prayers. As far as the commenter who said "natural selection", I truly hope you never have to see your bright child suffer the way we have this past week.

Paul Jones 1 year ago

Thank you for the follow up and so sorry for the ordeal you and your daughter are going through.

Lawrence likes to portray itself as a pedestrian friendly town but there are too many examples of where this falls short including the comments made on this site and the way the JW doesn't follow up on these stories. We still don't know what the outcome was of the man killed last December on 9th street.

Ginger Doan 11 months, 3 weeks ago

Thank you, Paul. Today is 3 weeks and she remains in the ICU. Hopefully Lawrence will begin to take measures to prevent future tragedies and crack down on speeding and DUIs.

Paul Jones 11 months, 3 weeks ago

It's really unfortunate that the JW never follows up on pedestrian stories. I suppose it goes against the market pitch that we are a walkable community.

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