Latest Douglas County court filings for June 12, 2017


Michael A. Bolden, 53, Lawrence, and Grace Semanda, 36, Lawrence.

Clarke Matthew Cunningham, 25, Eudora, and Bailey Nicole Bussinger, 25, Eudora.

Alexander Thomas Bittel, 30, Kansas City, Mo., and Meredith Ann Nelson, 26, Kansas City, Mo.

Scott Packard, Lawrence, and Amara Davis, Lawrence.

Carl Ray Burris Jr., 28, Lawrence, and Laura Ruth Windram, 26, Lawrence.

Mary Johnson, 28, Lawrence, and Travis Chiarelli, 27. Lawrence.

Philip H. Morlan, 28, Lawrence, and Jennifer Riordan, 28, Lawrence.

Denton James Keller, 23, Lawrence, and Courtney Michelle Saia, 23, Lawrence.

Aaron W. Pursley, 40, Lawrence, and Sara Meyer, 40, Lawrence.

Nathan Royce Dixey, 32, Austin, Texas, and Jennifer Ellen Mohr, 38, Austin, Texas.

Keith Nolte, 25, Lawrence, and Erika Northcutt, 24, Lawrence.

Megan Nichole Lee, 31, Lawrence, and Joseph Edward Beyer, 30, Sierra Vista, Ariz.

Ashley Marie Smarker, 32, Lawrence, and Christopher Craig Chavez, 31, Lawrence.

Nicole Benfield Richardson, 25, Lawrence, and Stefanie Ann Petrozz, 29, Lawrence.

Thomas Howard Horn, 32, Lawrence, and Jessica Lea Deiter, 39, Lawrence.

Alycia D. Williams, 42, Lawrence, Michael James Habig, 38, Lawrence.

Kristina Marie Tir Van Anne, 25, Lawrence, and Jeffrey Pirtle Carmody, 25, Lawrence.

Ryan Joseph Mansfield, 21, Lawrence, and Emily Jo Carmack, 21, Lawrence.

Matthew George Menzenski, 30, Lawrence, and Sarah Maud Chao, 28, Lawrence.

Jacob Michael Green, 26, Austin, Texas, and Kendyll Ann Severa, 25, Austin, Texas.

Jill Renee Geist, 56, Lawrence, and Rodney Lee Orndorff, 57, Lawrence.


Sheila White, Lawrence, and Michael White, Lawrence.

Thomas Davie Jr., 38, Lawrence, and Deidra Davie, 38, Lawrence.

Michael Masters, Kansas City, and Faith Masters, 25, Eudora.

Johnathan Petty, 51, De Soto, and Renee Oyer, 56, Eudora.


Amanda Jo Dahl, 2434 W. 24th Terrace, Apt. D6, Lawrence.


The Douglas County sheriff holds a public auction of foreclosed property at 10 a.m. every Thursday in the jury assembly room of the Douglas County Courthouse. Anyone can bid, including the previous owner.

No new foreclosures in Douglas County.