Phony Midco salespeople reported in Lawrence

A Midco sign is in place outside Riverfront Plaza, Tuesday evening, June 27, 2017, after workers removed WOW signs, at bottom, from the company's properties.

Midco has been notified that door-to-door salespeople are misrepresenting themselves as Midco employees in Lawrence.

After approaching someone’s residence, these salespeople falsely identify themselves as Midco representatives, according to a press release from Midco. Real Midco salespeople wear blue Midco shirts and employee ID badges and carry permits.

Midco, which provides cable, phone and internet service in the Lawrence area, recently took over from WOW. As part of its purchase of WOW, Midco took on more than 30,000 cable, telecom and internet customers in Douglas, Leavenworth and Wyandotte counties.

Midco has contacted local police about the issue, according to the release. If a customer suspects a phony Midco salesperson has approached them, the person should call the Kansas Attorney General’s toll-free consumer complaint line at 1-800-432-2310.