Latest Douglas County court filings for July 17, 2017

Douglas County Courthouse, 1100 Massachusetts St.


Kelly Dianna Higby, 45, Lawrence, and Alan Gleue, 56, Lawrence.

Sandra Michelle James, 34, Lawrence, and Sarah Monique Saunders, 32, Lawrence.

Randy Mills, 59, Topeka, and Leanne Cox, 51, Topeka.

Hannah Elizabeth Carroll, 27, Lincoln, Neb., and Ryan Alan Altman, 37, Lawrence.

Taylor Petrehn, 26, Lawrence, and Kailey Mae Lewis, 25, Lawrence.

Ryan C. Paulson, 31, Lawrence, and Sarah E. Cigard, 24, Lawrence.

Christopher D. Spencer, 41, Lawrence, and Tracy Robson, Lawrence.

Taylor Doonan, 23, Lawrence, and Dale Hupe, Lawrence.

Chip A. M. Kueffer, 24, Lawrence, and Morgan Lober, 21, Baldwin City.

Joshua David Kreimer, 42, Kansas City, Mo., and Christina Marie Steinlage, 40, Lawrence.

Apollo Hernandez, 33, Lawrence, and Sara Langley, 27, Kansas City, Kan.

Gregory Lynn Cobble, 55, Lawrence, and Jennifer Leigh Parker, 43, Lawrence.

Stephen Meiller, 25, Norman, Okla., and Chelsea Weeks, 26, Norman, Okla.

Matthew Gene Leslie, 31, Lawrence, and Lindsey Jane Eriksen, 26, Lawrence.

Serena Ritter, 23, Lawrence, and Troy Bellinger, 26, Lawrence.

Kyle Louie Smith, 28, Lawrence, and Latoya Khystal Tsosie, 23, Lawrence.

Ted C. Edwards Jr., 44, Lawrence, and Amanda Owen, 39, Lawrence.

Nathaniel J. Abeita, 25, Lawrence, and Sara Hettenbach, 25, Lawrence.

Samuel Thomas Segraves, 62, Lawrence, and Simone Pinho Ribeiro, 57, Lawrence.

Zachary Michael Jones, 21, Tonganoxie, and Hannah Grace Nave, 19, McLouth.

Hyung Kook Joo, Lawrence, and A. Ram Kim, Lawrence.

Morgan Charles Gerstmann, 23, Hays, and Haleigh Katheryne M. Pippert, 22, Hays.


Mark B. Francis, 53, and Tiffany C. Francis, 55, Lawrence.

Dennis J. Hill, 49, Lecompton, and Tracy R. Hill, 45, Lawrence.

John Santoya Jr., 29, Augusta, and Abby Santoya, 27, Lawrence.


Corinne Annette Hale, 3404 Chance Lane, Lawrence.

John Wesley Born and Tanya Nicole Born, 413 John Doy Court, Lawrence.

Ashley Marie Leabo, 3305 Yellowstone Drive, Lawrence.

Michael V. Bennett, 3916 W. 10th Circle, Lawrence.

Ariana Monique Martinez, 5100 W. Sixth St., Apt. B9, Lawrence.


The Douglas County sheriff holds a public auction of foreclosed property at 10 a.m. every Thursday in the jury assembly room of the Douglas County Courthouse. Anyone can bid, including the previous owner.

No new foreclosures in Douglas County.