World War I in Lawrence: Draft list sent to Washington, D.C.

A list of Douglas County men who had registered for the draft was being put in its final form for the military’s consideration. The list, including the name, draft number, and address of each registered man, was to be sent to Washington, D.C. According to a Journal-World article, “When the drawing of names is made in Washington the results will probably be announced by the number of the persons drawn so that it will be necessary to check up on the lists to get the names of the men in the first draft. On the list sent to Washington the name of Raymond Armstrong is No. 1 and Michael Schopper has number 1955, the last number on the list.”

Meanwhile, 46 men from the University of Kansas who were enlisted in Company A Engineers were on their way to Ft. Riley after a two-week encampment on the grounds of Washburn College in Topeka. “The company is without uniforms or other equipment aside from engineering tools so that the first few days in camp will doubtless be easy ones,” the Journal-World reported. “The Engineers have lost their designation as a Kansas company and are now attached to the Fourteenth division. Their work at Ft. Riley will be to reconstruct the bridge over the Kaw river at the fort which was wrecked in a mysterious explosion three years ago. After this engineering work and several weeks drilling they expect to be sent to France.”

In Washington this week, “the daylight saving bill amended to take effect next year, passed the senate today without discussion or record vote, and was sent to the house. Under the bill all time pieces would be turned forward one hour beginning the last Sunday in April and continuing until the last Sunday in September.”