Affidavit: Homicide at Eudora bar followed lewd comments, fracas; armed rampage ensued

D-Dubs Bar and Grill is located at 10 W. Ninth St. in Eudora.

Just moments before gunning down a security guard at a Eudora bar, the suspect in the killing had been kicked out for making lewd comments to a bartender, according to a newly released arrest affidavit, which also included details about other victims at the scene, one of whom reportedly disarmed the suspect.

In the early-morning hours of June 24, Danny William Queen, 36, of Eudora was at D-Dubs Bar and Grill, 10 W. Ninth St., where a confrontation took place that resulted in the death of security guard Bo Matthew Hopson, 32, also of Eudora.

Queen has been charged in Douglas County District Court with first-degree murder in Hopson’s death, as well as two counts of attempted first-degree murder for allegedly trying to shoot two other people at the scene.

An arrest affidavit is a document prepared by police that explains the probable cause for making an arrest. The statements in an affidavit are allegations that still must be proved in a court of law.

According to witnesses cited in the affidavit, the events of June 24 unfolded like this:

Queen was drinking at the bar shortly after midnight and began making lewd comments to the female bartender, who then told him to leave. Queen did not leave of his own accord but was eventually escorted out the door by several male patrons. Outside, near the front ramp of the bar, an altercation ensued between Queen and another male bar patron. The two men were separated, and “the crowd began to filter back into the bar.”

Queen meanwhile, according to the affidavit, lay down on a trailer in the bar’s parking lot. Two men, including Hopson, stayed outside to ensure that Queen did not re-enter the bar. After several minutes, Queen allegedly sat up and removed a gun from his pocket. The man with Hopson said he saw Queen fire one shot and heard the bullet strike Hopson.

That man then ran and took shelter under the trailer. He says he watched as Queen walked around the trailer, pointed the gun directly down at him and pulled the trigger. The gun, however, misfired multiple times.

After the third misfire, the man said Queen was distracted by another man in the parking lot. This third man said in the affidavit that he had watched Queen — whom he described as more than 6 feet tall and weighing more than 200 pounds, wearing a gray Army T-shirt — being escorted from the bar earlier. He said that Queen was “acting strangely but not aggressively or belligerent.”

This man went into the bar to go the bathroom as Queen was being escorted out. When he came outside a few moments later, he said, he heard three loud pops that he thought were fireworks. But then he saw the second man under the trailer and Queen was walking toward him, pointing a gun. He heard the weapon go off and saw a flash of fire from the gun’s muzzle. He then heard the weapon “dry fire” three times in succession. He advanced on Queen at that point and was able to disarm and detain him until police arrived, which they did shortly after 1 a.m.

Police said they recovered a Smith and Wesson .380 and shell casings at the scene. The gun’s magazine still contained four live rounds. Queen was taken to the Eudora police station, where he invoked his Miranda rights against self-incrimination, and then was booked into the Douglas County Jail, where he remains on a bond of $1 million.

His preliminary hearing is scheduled for July 25 at 9:30 a.m. in Douglas County District Court.

Hopson meanwhile was flown by air ambulance to the University of Kansas Hospital in Kansas City, Kan. Police interviewed Hopson at the hospital, but that portion of the affidavit has been redacted. Hopson died the next day while undergoing surgery.

Queen’s attorney, Dakota Loomis, had asked that the arrest affidavit –which the Journal-World had requested — be sealed from public view, arguing that Queen would not be able to get a fair trial if the document were released. District Court Judge Peggy Kittel rejected that argument, and the affidavit was released, with some redactions, Monday morning.