Midco leaders say cable, phone and internet has been restored; estimated 3,000 affected by outages

A Midco sign is in place outside Riverfront Plaza, Tuesday evening, June 27, 2017, after workers removed WOW signs, at bottom, from the company's properties.

All services are thought to be restored following the troubled conversion last week of WOW cable, phone and internet services to Midco.

The conversion was supposed to take place overnight Tuesday, and Midco President and CEO Pat McAdaragh said they believed customers’ services were restored by late Friday based on customer call volumes.

He said the company will look deeper into what happened in the coming days.

“When you realize you have a problem then you go into fix-it mode,” McAdaragh said. “We’ve been so focused on that now these next few days we’ll see what transpires. I would say we’re cautiously optimistic that we’ve transcended the initial problems.”

He said that if there are outages, they would probably be in the normal course of business and not related directly to the conversion.

As part of its purchase of WOW, Midco took on more than 30,000 cable, phone and internet customers in Douglas, Leavenworth and Wyandotte counties. McAdaragh said that though he won’t have final numbers for at least a week, he expects that the service of about 3,000 customers, or perhaps more, was cut off because of the conversion.

The outages affected residential as well as business customers, many of whom were cut off from their customers for days because both their phones lines and internet were down. The outages caused long waits on Midco’s customer service line, with some customers reporting being on hold for more than an hour and still not having their issues resolved.

McAdaragh said the outages were unexpected, and that the primary issue was inconsistencies in the customer record database that testing did not identify.

“We had tested,” he said. “You think you have it right, and then when it came in we found there were more data out there that weren’t correct.”

In addition to not being able to take customer calls, some businesses had to operate cash-only for a time because their credit card system relied on the internet.

McAdaragh said they will work with customers, primarily business accounts, to address any compensation for the outages. He said compensation would be looked at on a case-by-case basis for accounts that were affected or had significant issues.

“We’ll be working with them in terms of making it right financially too,” McAdaragh said. “With that said, it’s very difficult to make a blanket statement because everybody was affected differently.”

McAdaragh said he feels bad that customers were not connected for any period of time, and that staff reacted once they knew there was a problem.

“If there are issues for anyone out there, we are going to keep working on each and every one until we get them all resolved,” he said.

Customers can contact Midco regarding compensation via email at kansas_support@midco.net.