Latest Douglas County court filings for July 3, 2017

The Douglas County Courthouse.


Allison Catherine Rohman, 23, Lawrence, and John Robert Fernandez Rosa, 24 Lawrence.

Joseph Mark Jarvis, 36, Lawrence, and Anthony Andrew Vartia, 38, Lawrence.

Raven A. Naramore, 41, Baldwin City, and Caleb Clipsham, 46, Baldwin City.

Derek Lee Barnard, 56, Lawrence, and Cheryl Sue Tye, 55, Lawrence.

Lisa Ann Goans, 46, Lawrence, and Gretchen Cartwright, 58, Lawrence.

Andi Di-Anne Wohletz, 28, Lawrence, and Jason Edward Kent, 41, Lawrence.

Nicholas Ryan Blankingship, 23, Eudora, and Natalie Layne Killingsworth, 24, Eudora.

Rodger M. Matthews II, 28, Lawrence, and Katherine Grace Kennedy, 27, Lawrence.

Adam Crawford, 33, Leavenworth, and Mary Gonzales, 49, Leavenworth.

Susan A. Bost, 56, Eudora, and Virgil Wayne Elliott, 59, Eudora.

Alexis Sueann Curtiss, 23, Lawrence, and Samantha Linnea Walter, 29, Lawrence.

James L. Hatch, 29, Lawrence, and Crystina Dawn Lee Gonce, 26, Lawrence.

Halston Renee Pattison, 22, Lawrence, and Austin K. Butler, 23, Lawrence.

Anthony Edward Cervantez, 29, Lawrence, and Melanie Diane Cropp, 28, Lawrence.

Kyle James Gowdy, 30, Lawrence, and Shawn Marie Bird, 28, Lawrence.

Laura Callaway, 34, Magnolia, Texas, and Jeffery Sudderth, 37, Magnolia, Texas.

Kayla M. Lutze, 27, Lawrence, and Jacob Parkins, 27, Lawrence.

Joseph Peter Ramsey, 23, Lawrence, and Lindsay Renae Rausch, 20, Lawrence.

Frank Maxwell Andrews, 29, Nashville, Tenn., and Lena Marie Warren, 27, Nashville, Tenn.

Ernest Troy Patterson, 48, Lawrence, and Shawna F. Drake, 38, Lawrence.

Andy Guan, 22, Fort Riley, and Sydney Brianna Griffin, 22, Lawrence.

William Shockley, 54, Lawrence, and Dianne Summerville, 49, Lawrence.


Carrie Graves, 29, McLouth, and Cody Graves, 32, Lawrence.

Shania Adcox, Golden Valley, Ariz., and Austin Adcox, 21, Lawrence.

David Hollingsworth, 36, Lawrence, and Katy Hollingsworth, 35, Lawrence.

Emily Virginia Morrow Jones, and Mark William Jones.

Cameron Gramling, 25, Gardner, and Heather Gramling, 27, Lawrence.


Latisha Renee Thomas-Summers, 2300 W. 26th St., Unit D 20, Lawrence.

Trisha Ann Powell, 215 Comfort Lane, Lawrence.

Sean Michael Flores, 914 Ward Ave., Lawrence.

Timberlyn Mae Colleen Weeks, 2111 Kasold Drive, Apt. G202, Lawrence.

Timothy Charles Wales and Cathy Lynn Wales, 983 North 1000 Road, Lawrence.

Jeffery Todd Smith, 1537 North 1175 Road, Lawrence.

Sheila Blythe Buchenau, 2111 Kasold Drive, Apt. A103, Lawrence.


The Douglas County sheriff holds a public auction of foreclosed property at 10 a.m. every Thursday in the jury assembly room of the Douglas County Courthouse. Anyone can bid, including the previous owner.

No new foreclosures in Douglas County.