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Drawing Attention: Lawrence’s transit hub

February 17, 2017


Drawing Attention is a regular feature of the Journal-World that highlights the editorial cartoons of Lawrence resident Greg Kearney.

Kearney served as the editorial cartoonist for the Casper Star-Tribune in Casper, Wyo. for more than two decades before moving to Lawrence. Kearney's cartoons focus on local and state issues.

Like all editorial cartoons, the opinions expressed by Kearney are his, rather than the official editorial position of the Journal-World.


David Holroyd 11 months, 1 week ago

Well, at least Mr.Kearney puts his name on the cartoon which is more than the staff does when they write editorials. Why are they so ashamed to not sign them.?

And Mr. Kearney, since the cartoons are not representative of the Journal World's position, you could really do the public a favor and do a cartoon of the commissioners as well as those faceless staff editorial writers..

Here is a bit for you as well, show the faces of the commissioners looking out the bus you have drawn wondering if they "are there yet" or asking "is their a toilet on board".

It is a long ride, the T you know.

"Snarky" , over and out! 2/17/2017

John Kyle 11 months, 1 week ago

Although I'm sure Mr Kearney will use the correct form of "there/they're/their."

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