Forecast delays opening of city’s outdoor skating rink

The city has pushed back its estimation for when the Watson Park skate rink will be ready for use.

Based on current temperature forecasts, the city estimates the rink probably won’t be ready until Sunday at the earliest, according to an email from Parks and Recreation Director Derek Rogers.

Rogers previously said the rink, which is more than a foot deep in some places, needs at least 48 hours to freeze. The park was flooded Tuesday morning, but the weather forecast for Thursday calls for temperatures in the low 30s.

Rogers said that looking at the forecast temperatures, it’s estimated that the rink will be usable Sunday through Thursday.

The city floods the low-lying area of Buford M. Watson Park, 727 Kentucky St., to create the temporary rink. Signs placed at the rink will indicate whether the ice is safe or unsafe for use, according to Rogers.

The parks and recreation department will also communicate updates on the rink via its Facebook page and Twitter account, both under lprdks.