Real estate transfers for Dec. 15, 2017

Following are real estate transfers filed at the Douglas County Clerk’s Office from Dec. 5 through Dec. 11:

Tuesday, Dec. 5

David E. Old, Sr. and Patricia A. Old to Casey W. Baker, 2705 Wildflower Dr., Lawrence.

Mickey Realty, LLC to Kendra E. Knoll and Kevin J. Scheier, 2246 Ohio St., Lawrence.

Cedar Tree LLC to DMH Construction, Inc., S Fir St., Eudora.

Kelvin Bellinger and Kristy W. Bellinger to Clarke M. Cunningham and Bailey N. Cunningham, 2733 S. Fir Ter., Eudora.

Karen D. Fender, Trustee to Dustin Hayes and Jessica Hayes, 2500 W. 31st St. F, Lawrence.

Dustin Hayes to David Kolbeck, 2500 W. 31st St. F, Lawrence.

Joe E. Yost and Sally M. Yost to David W. Kellum and Michael D. Kellum, 208 Halderman St., Lecompton.

Charles C. Hemphill and Penny L. Hemphill to Deborah A. Nelson and Jared T. Nelson, 2124 Ohio St., Lawrence.

Tenants to Homeowners, Inc. to Lea B. Roselyn, 1334 Brook St., Lawrence.

Robert K. Herrington and Susan C. Herrington to Joshua LeValley and Tamara LeValley, 640 E. 200 Rd., Rural.

Robert Fort and Katarzyna Potocka to Matthew Dollar, 1946 Kentucky St., Lawrence.

Wednesday, Dec. 6

Steven A. Frenzel to Kenneth A. Clouse and JoAnn K. Clouse, 203 Glenview Dr., Lawrence.

James M. Hough and Debra Diehl to Mario T. Williamson, 3705 Shadybrook Ln., Lawrence. Larry L. Miller to Lucie M. Bryant, 3924 Overland Dr., Lawrence.

Thursday, Dec. 7

Charles L. Ziegler, Trustee to Fundamentals, LLC, 2546 Montana St., Lawrence.

Danelle S. Dresslar to Seamus M. Albritton and Nancie G. Albritton, 2828 Lankford Dr., Lawrence.

Preston Girard and Catherine E. Girard to Luke R. Murray and Kathleen E. Murray, 2905 Colt Dr., Lawrence.

Friday, Dec. 8

William G. Anderson and Criselda L. Anderson to Jay M. Eller and Gwendolyn K. Eller, 1900 Golden Rain Dr., Lawrence.

Richard Collins to Shawn C. Saathoff and Carla d. Saathoff, Vacant Land, Rural.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Mary B. Retke, 800 Crestline Dr., Lawrence.

MNC, LLC to Anita E. Sass and Allyson E. Sass, 2521 Ralston St., Lawrence.

Rick A. Kittel and Peggy C. Kittel to Thomas L. Fagan, 1705 Troon Ln., Lawrence.

RCB Bank to Salb Homes, 2250 Lake Pointe Dr. and 1900/1902, Lawrence.

Estate of Betty Lou White to William T. Price, 1639 W. 20th Ter., Lawrence.

Monday, Dec. 11

RCB Bank to Salb Homes, LLC, 2250 Lake Pointe Dr. and 2004/2005, Lawrence.

Harry L. Patterson and Thelma J. Patterson to Larry L. Miller, 1307 Hickory St., Eudora.

Mark A. Knight to HAPO, LC, 3233 Glacier Dr., Lawrence.

Consolidated Properties, Inc. to Robert J. Ballard and Jamie L. Ballard, 1733/1737 Ohio St. and 1734 Ohio St. and 1740 Ohio St. and 410 W. 18th St., Lawrence.

William Allegre and Stephanie Allegre to Franklin W. Salb, Jr., 917 N. Field Stone Dr., Lawrence.

Chris Ficken and Pamela S. Alexander and Louie Riederer and Deborah M. Riederer to Greg A. Freitag and Janis W. Freitag, Vacant Land, Rural.

Estate of Martha S. Gibbs to Katharine A. Kuzmyak, 417 Alabama St., Lawrence.

Walter J. Wondrack and Michele Wondrack to Masako Koide, 3724 Hartford Ave., Lawrence.

Andrea F. Mosher, Trustee to Jerry M. Berry Living Trust, 1003 New Boston Ct., Lawrence.