Real estate transfers for Dec. 8, 2017

Following are real estate transfers filed at the Douglas County Clerk’s Office from Nov. 28 to Dec. 4:

Tuesday, Nov. 28

Lori D. Scott and Steven R. Scott to Rachid Stour and Stephanie A. Stour, 2348 N 400 Rd., Rural.

Nicholas K. Birdsong and Elyse N. Birdsong to Wei Chen and Lidan Fan, 2420 Surrey Dr., Lawrence.

Perry Construction, Inc. to Deborah E. Smith, 2532 E. 25th Pl., Lawrence.

Nathan O. Drewry and Ruth E. Drewry to Jenny Caldwell and Timothy M. Caldwell, 1101 Stoneridge Dr., Lawrence.

Yankee Tank Estates, LLC to Margaret Harris and John Harris, 3161 Yankee Tank Ln., Lawrence.

Stacy L. Houston to Paul W. Nulton and Shelley A. Nulton, 255 North Michigan St., Lawrence.

David D. Garrison, Jr. and Samantha M. Garrison to Tye Gordon and Sonya Gordon, 1514 N 700 Rd., Rural.

Wednesday, Nov. 29

Brady K. Bell and Audrey A. Bell to Cynthia S. Baethke, 1118 Peach St., Eudora.

Raira K. Taylor and Roy V. Taylor to Lisa L. Baker and Cory J. Baker, 1101/1103 W. 29th Ter., Lawrence.

Katarzyna H. Potocka and Robert Fort to KSH Capital Management, LLC, 1510 W. 21st St., Lawrence.

Raira K. Taylor and Roy V. Taylor to Cory J. Baker and Lisa L. Baker, 1019/1021 W. 29th Ter., Lawrence.

Spiral, LLC to Alan K. Steinle, 1414 E. 18th St., Lawrence.

D. Ann Murphy to BWB2, LP, 728/730 Massachusetts St., Lawrence.

Thomas R. Ruddy, II and Sharon E. Soule to Marlene V. Penny and William J. Penny, 2028 Palmer Dr., Lawrence.

Jeffrey A. Montag and Beth K. Montag to April R., Sprague, 1701 Kasold Dr., Lawrence.

Robert L. Applegate and Noreen Applegate to Joseph T. Deiter and Shalen E. Williams, 2008 Melholland Rd., Lawrence.

Shreeji Sai Hospitality, LLC to Tejaskumar Amin and Priyal Amin, 2525 W. 6th St., Lawrence.

Thursday, Nov. 30

Yan Ernzen and Aaron Ernzen to Sandra L. Jamison, 2540 Cimarron Dr., Lawrence.

Jeffrey O. Chaney to Andrew S. Lyon and Sarah E. Lyon, Vacant Land, Rural.

William B. Wise and Jacqueline J. Wise to C. Coleman Darby and Trudy Darby, 800 Fox Chase Ct., Lawrence.

Brenda S. Clark to Marty Hensley and Brady Samson, 3005 Topeka Ln., Lawrence.

Jason W. Rush and Jennifer L. Lanning-Rush to BGRS, LLC, 1920 Massachusetts St., Lawrence.

BGRS, LLC and Brookfield Global Relocation Services, LLC to Charles R. Hiersche, 1920 Massachusetts St., Lawrence.

Bradley W. Kapcar to Nathan O. Drewry and Ruth E. Drewry, 1135 Brynwood Ct., Lawrence.

Kurt L. Glendening, Trustee and Carol A. Glendening, Trustee to Todd C. McHugh, 5718 Villa Dr., Lawrence.

Mei Li and Xingsheng Wu to Michael McAlhaney and Tresa McAlhaney, 1209 W. 21st St., Lawrence.

Jesse R. Ens and Megan Hefner to Barbara J. Gilbert, 738 Ohio St., Lawrence.

American Eagle Properties, Inc. to Cole GS Lawrence KS, LLC, 4740 Bauer Farm Dr., Lawrence.

David L. Marden, Trustee to Anthony J. Powell, 2824 Missouri St., Lawrence.

Oregon Trail Holdings LC to Yan Wang, 5802 Three Forks Ct., Lawrence.

Levi J. Garber and Letitia N. Garber, To, Brenda S. Clark and Kristina K. Clark, 1007 E 1600 Rd., Rural.

Oregon Trail Holdings LC to Yan Wang, 406 Three Forks Dr., Lawrence .

Michael T. Steffen and Danielle N. Steffen to Heather Holmes, 1135 Maple St., Eudora.

John V. Spiridigliozzi and Erin A. Spiridigliozzi to Sean Finn and Jill Finn, 1631 Massachusetts St., Lawrence.

Kristina K. Clark to Joint Revocable Trust of Jon M. Woodward and Vickie S. Woodward, 2113 W. 26th Ter., Lawrence.

Estate of Sally R. Hayden to William M. McCaffrey, 1718 Alabama St., Lawrence.

Friday, Dec. 1

Hiram E. Stockwell to Brent D. Boyle and Darcia E. Boyle, 919/921 Centennial Dr., Lawrence.

Ardith S. Cady to Robert Hassig and Ronda Hassig, 4537 Broadmoor Dr., Lawrence.

Community Living Opportunities, Inc. to Communities in Schools of MidAmerica, Inc., 1919/1921 Delaware St., Lawrence.

Lillian M. Fisher to Laura Lockton and Humayun H. Khan, Vacant Land, Rural.

Oskafel, LLC to Postoak Investments, LLC, 1420 W. 4th St., Lawrence.

Patrick L. Wempe and Rebecca J. Wempe to IA Properties, LLC and, 204 North Crestline Dr., Lawrence.

Michael H. Miller and Gina K. Miller to Warren J. Newcomer, III and Kelsey B. Newcomer, 200 N. Running Ridge Rd., Lawrence.

Bank of America, N.A. to Michael R. Dunn and Jacqueline A. Dunn, 411 Trent Ct., Lawrence.

Stephen L. Hinton to Gallal N. Obeid, 1410 Northfield Ct., Lawrence.

Marty L. Trumble and Tina M. Trumble and to Celeste M. Torrence and Peter A. Shipman and Roger A. Shipman, 2919 Flint Ct., Lawrence.

Judy Elliott and Linda Madl to Safe Harbour Eat XII, LLC, 818 E. 1300 Rd & and Vacant Land, Rural.

Brian Sheldon and Chelsea Sheldon to Seth Everett and Jamie Everett, 1537 N 300 Rd., Rural.

Monday, Dec. 4

Jarrett Lies to Jeffrey R. Cyzman and Denise R. Cyzman, 707 Missouri St., Lawrence.

Riley R. Gibson to DJ’s INC, 214 King St., Baldwin City.

Richard W. Ailor and Elizabeth A. Ailor to 20174BT81, LLC, 210 Yorkshire Dr., Lawrence.

Carol A. Arner, Trustee to White Trust, 195 Crossgate Dr., Lawrence.

Peter J. Laufer and Mary E. Sedita to Yellowstone Properties LLC, 432 Missouri St., Lawrence.

Kevin J. Scheier and Kendra Noll to Ronald K. Sommer and Helen R. Sommer, 1418 W. 22nd Ter., Lawrence.

Murrel E. Phillips and Lucille M. Phillips to Jerry E. Smith, 1308 High St., Baldwin City.

Terrapin Properties, LLC to HCD Enterprises, LLC, 2406 Alabama St. Unit 12A, Lawrence.

Roger L. Crabill and Janet S. Crabill to Kyle Gwaltney, 702 Sturbridge Ct., Lawrence.

Hazel L. Rew to Gus Drosos and Kristine M. Drosos, 1735 Illinois St., Lawrence.

Oregon Trail Holdings, LC to Drippe Construction, Inc., 419/429 Freemont Dr., Lawrence.

R & H Builders, Inc. to Jamie J. Bermel and Jacqueline A. Bermel,

5745 Chimney Rocks Cir., Lawrence.

Timothy R. Sipe and Katherine E. Sipe to Golden Stone, LLC, 2529 Stowe Dr., Lawrence.

Catherine E. Swift to Jack Lancaster and Jill Lancaster, 2443 Brookside Dr., Lawrence.

Kurt Kuhnke and Lisa Kuhnke to K Squared, LLC, 1622 W. 22nd Ter., Lawrence.