Prosecutors: Woman accused of battery against former KU basketball player now charged with DUI

The woman accused of battery against former University of Kansas basketball player Carlton Bragg Jr. reportedly got a DUI, which appears likely to cost her the diversion she had received in the case.

Saleeha Soofi, 19, appeared Monday in Douglas County District Court after the state filed a motion to revoke her diversion and resume criminal proceedings in the Bragg case because she failed to obey all laws and abstain from alcohol and illegal drug use.

According to that motion, Soofi has been charged in Overland Park Municipal Court with DUI, possession of a controlled substance, refusing a preliminary breath test, driving without a valid license and failing to show proof of insurance.

Saleeha Soofi

In the Douglas County case, in which Soofi was charged with battery against Bragg, her attorney Robin Fowler told the court they had already worked on terms of a plea agreement with the state.

Judge James McCabria set Soofi’s next court appearance for Sept. 21.

Formerly a Lawrence resident and KU student, recent court documents list Soofi’s address as Overland Park. KU does not currently list a student by that name.

Under her diversion agreement, filed in late April, Soofi agreed to abstain from alcohol and “recreational drugs,” submit to monthly drug and alcohol testing, complete alcohol education and fulfill at least 30 hours of community service. If Soofi successfully completed the one-year diversion, the battery charge against her would have been dropped, according to the agreement.

The misdemeanor battery charge stemmed from an early-morning altercation at a party Dec. 9 at the Delta Upsilon fraternity house, 1025 Emery Road.

Initially Bragg was arrested and charged that afternoon with one count of battery; he also was benched for the next day’s basketball game.

However, Bragg’s charges were dismissed and he was released after surveillance video from the fraternity house showed Soofi repeatedly shoving and pushing her hand against his neck, the DA’s office said. Soofi instead was charged with one count of battery on Dec. 14.