Fix-It Chick: Replacing electric stove receptacle block can be inexpensive

When a plug-in type burner on an electric stove stops working, chances are the burner’s receptacle block needs to be replaced. For most electric stoves, this is an inexpensive and easy fix.

Step 1: With the stove off and the burners cool, unplug the burner that is not working and plug it into another spot on the stovetop. If the burner works in the new spot, it is time to replace the plug-in receptacle block for the burner in question.

Step 2: Purchase a universal receptacle block from your local hardware store.

Step 3: Turn off the power to the stovetop at the main electrical service panel.

Step 4: Unplug the stove from the electrical outlet and use a voltage sensor to confirm there is no power going to the stovetop.

Step 5: Lift the stovetop lid and secure it in an open position.

Step 6: Use a Phillips head screwdriver to detach the existing receptacle block from the stovetop.

Step 7: Open the new receptacle block kit and choose the mounting bracket that best matches the existing mounting bracket. Snap the matching bracket into place on the new receptacle block.

Step 8: Insert the snap-end of the new wires from the receptacle kit into the new receptacle block. Make sure the wire ends are securely fastened inside the new block before proceeding.

Step 9: Slide one of the small black heat shrink tubing pieces over each of the new wires.

Step 10: Cut the two wires attached to the old receptacle block and remove it.

Step 11: Strip one half-inch of the plastic insulation from each tip of the two wires that were just cut.

Step 12: Twist one of the new wires attached to the new receptacle block onto the end of one of the old wires. Twist a wire nut onto the pair to secure the two wires together.

Step 13: Repeat the process with the second set of wires.

Step 14: Fold each wire nut down onto one of the wires and slide the heat shrink tubing up over the wire connection.

Step 15: Use a heat gun or lighter to shrink the tubing onto the wire nut connections.

Step 16: Attach the new receptacle block and mounting bracket to the stovetop. Plug in the burner and the stove before turning the power back on.