Traffic calming recommended for Learnard Avenue; 3 other projects denied

After speeds of more than 25 mph over the limit were recorded on Learnard Avenue, the roadway has been added to the city’s list of recommended traffic-calming projects.

At its meeting this week, the City Commission approved recommendations from the city’s Transportation Commission to add traffic calming on Learnard Avenue between 15th and 19th Street and to deny three other requests.

The approval means that Learnard Avenue joins a prioritized list of traffic-calming projects that will be constructed once funding is available, according to Project Engineer Zach Baker. The projects are ranked based on criteria in the city’s traffic-calming policy, such as speed and traffic count data. A traffic study for that portion of Learnard Avenue (30 mph speed limit) recorded an 85th percentile speed of 36.5 mph and 12 vehicles traveling more than 55 mph in the 24-hour study period.

The city’s 2018 budget allocates $200,000 for traffic-calming projects. The approximately $40,000 Learnard Avenue project — likely speed humps — is now the sixth of 22 projects on the list.

Traffic calming can include traffic-calming circles, speed humps or traffic diverters. Once funding is available for a project, Baker said city staff will discuss with the neighborhood what will be installed and surveys will be conducted before the project returns to the City Commission for final consideration.

The three denied requests, listed below, did not meet city requirements for traffic calming.

• Four-way stop intersection at 10th Street and Indiana Street.

• Traffic calming on Carson Place and Campbell Drive.

• Speed limit reduction and intersection-ahead signage on Kasold Drive from Tam O’Shanter Drive to Clinton Parkway.