LMH to consider providing financial support to some area nonprofits

Lawrence Memorial Hospital

Lawrence Memorial Hospital

August 17, 2017


Local nonprofits long have looked to the city and the county for grants to help fund their operations. Soon they may have another community organization to look to: Lawrence Memorial Hospital.

Hospital leaders opened the door to such a possibility at the Wednesday morning meeting of the LMH Board of Trustees. The board gave staff members approval to begin crafting a policy that would guide how the hospital makes donations to other nonprofit entities.

“Our being involved with a sister organization that has charitable enterprises is perfectly within our mission, but let’s be thoughtful about how we do it,” Russ Johnson, chief executive of LMH, told the board.

The hospital has long provided sponsorships to a variety of nonprofit events — everything from 5K runs to health awareness events. But those sponsorships usually are a few hundred dollars, said Janice Early, vice president of marketing and communications for LMH. More recently, the hospital has been receiving requests for substantial donations from organizations such as the Boys & Girls Club, Heartland Health, the Lawrence Arts Center and others, Early said.

Board members agreed to begin crafting a policy that would look at what criteria the hospital would use in providing funding to other nonprofits. Johnson said it makes sense to look at what other nonprofits are doing in the community to improve the health of residents. He said the hospital supporting those types of organizations fits with LMH’s overall goal of improving community health.

“I think this is the right time for us to explore how we do that,” Johnson said.

The board didn’t discuss how large of a financial commitment the hospital may be interested in making to area nonprofits, whether the hospital would make a call for applications or when such a program may begin.

Early said the next step would be for hospital staff members and representatives from the board of trustees to begin crafting a specific policy in the coming weeks.

LMH is a nonprofit entity itself, but the hospital business routinely generates annual revenues that are in excess of hospital expenses by several million dollars.

In other business, board members were told:

• Plans to open a crisis stabilization center as part of the LMH emergency room are progressing. The center is on track to open in January. Karen Shumate, chief operating officer, said the hospital also has agreed to provide office space for a new crisis response team that is part of a pilot project being funded by Douglas County. The hospital will provide office space until more permanent facilities can be found for the team. Shumate said the county hopes to have that team operational by January.

• An expansion of LMH’s clinic in Tonganoxie is scheduled to be completed by mid-September. The expansion will double the amount of space for health providers, and will add space for physical and occupational therapy.


David Holroyd 8 months, 1 week ago

Use the money for reducing costs at the hospital....

Michael Kort 8 months, 1 week ago

LMH is a great community asset .

If you qualify financially they will give you a $ break but you have to seek help somewhere or at LMH to get into their system and see what is available .

I hope that LMH sticks to the area of healthcare concerns which is their area of function and knowledge, as the nonprofit sector can become one big wide open Beauty Contest for LMHs bucks while those in between a health care rock and a hard place go wanting for help

I do know that dental care effects health h in general as dental infections can go blood born and land on a heart valve or two and do quick damage that costs society hundreds of thousands to fix or simply be smoldering illness .

I do know that there is a dental clinic ( The Douglas County Dental Clinic ) that is a sliding scale clinic but as dentistry is essentially surgery while awake it requires expensive costs, educations, building, staff and equipment that can be beyond the means of the poorest to pay for, even on sliding scale .

Mental health, drug abuse, such as the Opioid Crisis that is killing those who get hooked on it who need expensive solutions, ........there are plenty of health care issues begging for bucks .

If they want to do health care screenings, care involved, for the Boys and Girls Club and the parents approve then go for it but these are non profit health care funds that everybody with a "great idea" ( that might not include direct health care costs or health care benefit to anyone at all ) are in search of money and it only costs so much ( ?) to evaluate all comers equally & fairly ?.

Michael Kort 8 months, 1 week ago

I got a funny email from Guide Star today .

I went looking to check out a charity once upon a time and ended up on an Email list ...

It was a Funny article written complaining that too many people start duplicate nonprofits to do this or that without first bothering to look around and not duplicate the efforts of others in a given cause and just end up spending more money on these duplicate new charities, office space and employees, etc .( a reasonable thought ) ( that donors get saturated supporting too many different causes operating costs and the pie gets swallowed in duplicate overheads )

What was funny about the whole thing was that the author listed themselves as the founder of a nonprofit charity ?.......whatever !.......go figure !

All things will sort themselves out with time to whatever conclusions .

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