Lawrence and Douglas County

Lawrence and Douglas county

City to change rules for shutting off water when residents don’t pay their monthly bills

April 19, 2017


Beginning in June, city employees will no longer personally notify delinquent utility customers prior to shutoff or accept payments at their door, according to a press release.

Instead, delinquent customers will have a notice included in their next bill. The amount due will be listed on the bill, as well as the date the payment must be received to avoid water shutoff. If any bill for water or sanitary sewer service remains unpaid for 40 days, water service may be disconnected.

The utilities department is implementing this change as a safety precaution for city employees. When water is disconnected, the door will be tagged to indicate that the water was shut off due to account delinquency. Restoring service will require paying all past due bills plus $50 for trip and reconnection fees.

Credit card or eCheck Payments can be made online or by calling 832-7878. There are no longer any added processing fees when paying with a credit card or eCheck.

The city has launched an automated outbound communication system to provide email or phone notification when an account is at risk of disconnection. Customers can opt in to receive notification online.

Further information or questions can be directed to the Utility Billing office at 832-7878 or


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