Letter to the editor: Flag respect

To the editor:

I believe the editorial cartoon on the Sept. 6 Opinion Page of our flag with Colin Kaepernick’s name on it is despicable.

If you attend an anti-war demonstration after work, government at no level could penalize you for that. Your employer would be hard-pressed to win a court case if he tried to do so. But, if you are promoting your political views to a customer in the office place, your employer would be well within his rights to say, “Not while you’re on the job.” I believe the NFL would be well within its legal rights to say:

“Our athletes are free to take any position they want on political issues on their own time. But when they are on the field wearing a team jersey, they will observe the basic appreciation and respect for our country. That is in line with the values of the NFL. If any player wants to sit during the National Anthem, he should get used to sitting during the entire game.”

I believe that announcement by an NFL team would pass constitutional review.