KDOT postpones 24 road projects over budget uncertainty

Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT)

? Budget uncertainties have forced the Kansas Department of Transportation to postpone two dozen road projects that were scheduled to start next summer.

The Wichita Eagle reports an estimated $32 million in projects were to be put up for bid in December before KDOT learned last week that the state faces a $350 million budget gap.

The 24 projects now are delayed indefinitely.

Transportation Department spokesman Steve Swartz says the affected paving and resurfacing projects were not emergencies, adding that some could still be done if funds are available.

Gov. Sam Brownback has swept more than $1 billion from the state’s highway fund since 2011 to make up for budget shortfalls. KDOT announced in April the delay of 24 projects that were set to begin this or next fiscal year.