100 years ago: Former Lawrence businessman celebrates anniversary in Emporia

From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for March 27, 1916:

  • “A sixtieth wedding anniversary celebrated in Emporia Saturday which was of interest in Lawrence was that of Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Whitley, old residents of Emporia. Colonel Whitley was known in Lawrence at one time. He first saw Kansas in 1857, when he came to Independence Landing, now Kansas City, up the river from Jefferson City. He walked from Independence Landing to Lawrence, when he first came to the state. His first business venture was at Lawrence where, with two sugar barrels, some planks, some loaves of bread and a ham, he became a restaurant keeper. He pursued other business ventures in the state, one of them being an overland expedition to Pike’s Peak in 1859, at the time of the Colorado gold rush. These were only a few incidents in the unusually exciting and interesting life which Mr. Whitley led in Kansas before the war. Colonel Whitley was a steamboat man on the Red River when the Civil War opened. He raised two companies of volunteers for army service, and was made a lieutenant colonel.”
  • “Art Houser, the brute bandit who is believed to have committed a number of crimes in Lawrence, when he held up young couples and attacked the young women, was denied a new trial at Omaha Saturday when Judge Sears overruled a motion of his attorneys for a new trial. Houser was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of W. H. Smith. His conviction of that crime prevents his prosecution in numerous Kansas towns where he is believed to have committed crimes similar to the ones of which he is suspected at Lawrence. His plan was to come upon strolling couples and force the man to leave at the point of a revolver.”
  • “The heavy rainfall of yesterday brought anew to the city officials the problem of preventing damage and insanitary conditions in Lawrence buildings through the backing up of water in the sanitary sewers. Two new school buildings, the Cordley and McAllaster schools, were affected by the overflow of sewage into the basements yesterday, as well as numerous residences in the low lying sections of the city…. It is the belief of Mr. Dunmire that most of the overflow comes from cellar drains. In many parts of town water gains admission to the cellars during a heavy rain and flows through the cellar drains into the sanitary sewers, creating insanitary conditions in parts of town where the houses are not on high ground.”
  • “The new white way lights in the 1000 block were turned on Saturday night, and the crowds on that block were interested in demonstrating that it was possible to read a newspaper anywhere in the block. City Engineer Dunmire said today that with favorable weather it should be possible to light the street as far north as Eighth street next Saturday night, and a week after that would see the white way completed.”
  • “The second meeting of the Bird club will be held Wednesday, March 29th in Room 104 Snow Hall. This will be an important business meeting…. If time permits Professor Douthitt will address the club on how to attract birds about the home. All persons interested in birds are invited to join the club and its work, which will be not only the improvement of its members but also general community work in bird protection and study.”