100 years ago: Old veterans make recruitment efforts; KNG mustered into federal service

From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for June 24, 1916:

  • “Old soldiers of the G. A. R. wishing to show the younger generation some of the war spirit of a half century ago, will give a demonstration on Massachusetts street at 7:30 this evening. A drum corps under the leadership of Grant Mull will parade down town, and there will be patriotic speeches. It is expected that the activities of the veterans will have the effect of increasing the number of recruits enlisting here.”
  • “Relations between the United States and the de facto government of Mexico are close to the breaking point as a result of the apparently well founded belief that American cavalrymen were massacred Wednesday at Carrizal by Carranza soldiers. Secretaries Lansing and Baker were early at the White House today conferring with President Wilson. It is known that the possibility of drastic retaliatory action against the Mexican forces in Chihuahua was given grave consideration.”
  • “The Kansas National Guard is being mustered into the federal service today. With all companies in the state mobilized here, a board of regular army officers started early this morning administering the oath required by the new military bill and began the rigid physical examination that may weed out many of the guardsmen…. The entire guard, numbering approximately 2,200 men, was under canvas at Pawnee Flats, the guard camp…. Governor Arthur Capper announced today that he probably would go to Fort Riley to review the Kansas troops tomorrow or Monday. When word is received here from Brigadier General Charles I. Martin as to the time for the departure of the troops to Mexico, Governor Capper will go to the fort…. Concerning the time the troops will entrain for the border General Martin has one idea. He thinks the Guard will leave Fort Riley either Tuesday or Wednesday and will go direct to El Paso. He has received no orders yet. The railroads, he believes, have been commanded to set the necessary equipment and even now are preparing for it.”
  • “Collin and Florence Olmstead, children of Mr. and Mrs. Archie Olmstead of West Ninth street, are showing an unusual specimen of plant life which they grew in their prize garden. It is a potato vine on which the potatoes grew on the stems instead of at the end of the roots of the plant. Seven small tubers are found on the plant, each one being located just above the juncture of a stem to the trunk of the plant.”
  • “During the electrical storm Monday night a big tree in the 1300 block on Louisiana street was struck by lightning. The trunk was split in two. All the phones in the vicinity were put out of order by the flash.”