100 years ago: Interurban scheduled to cross Kaw bridge this week

From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for July 24, 1916:

  • “Regular interurban service to the south side of the river will start Wednesday morning, according to the announcement of the interurban officials this morning. The depot in the 600 block is being fixed up today and the office will be moved from the station in North Lawrence to the south office tomorrow. The car barn, the express office, and the other completed work on the south side await only the connecting of the rails on the one span of the bridge before the cars will be running on Massachusetts street…. The schedule of the regular service will be only slightly changed by the extension of the line across the river. The time on the first two or three stations out of Lawrence will be slightly changed but the running time between Kansas City and Lawrence will not be affected.”
  • “Considerable repair work is being done on the hill this summer in an attempt to relieve the demand for class rooms which is constantly heard during the school year. A store room in the basement of Fraser hall is being repaired and fixed up so that it can be used for a class room. It was formerly occupied by the weights and measures department but in the search for more room this department was crowded into a small room on the east side of the building and the larger room taken over for class work. The space in the north tower of Fraser hall is being worked over so that it can be used for class rooms as the south tower was during the last year…. On the west end of the campus the tunnel from Fowler shops to the west buildings is being repaired so that students will not have a chance to cut classes because of cold class rooms. This tunnel has been used a number of years and is in good condition except that it needs cleaning out at this time.”
  • “A new episode in the escape of the Linwood robbers seems to be developing in the trail of the car that was occupied by the man and woman. A couple has been arrested on suspicion at Smithville, Missouri, and the cashier of the Jarbalo bank has been sent for to identify them. The sheriff at Smithville believes the couple the same that took part in the hold up at Jarbalo when the bank there was robbed of $1,262 on July 8…. The three men who went north and west from Linwood seem to have disappeared entirely.”
  • “W. E. Barnes has made a present of four acres of land to the new Vinland high school district for the location of the school building. The land is at the southeast corner of his place in a convenient spot for the pupils of the district. The board has not yet employed a faculty, but it is to be in Vinland on Thursday to meet with prospective teachers.”
  • “St. Louis, Mo. – Eighty-four spots on the sun were observed today by Brother Hubert, professor of astronomy at Christian Brothers College, and he predicted today that the solar disturbance indicated by the remarkable sun spot activity presaged a thunder storm tonight or tomorrow. Ten days ago Brother Hubert observed one spot on the sun.”
  • “Washington, D.C. – Charges that the National Guard was sent to the Mexican border under false pretenses were made by Senator Townsend today during the debate on the army appropriation bill. He urged that the military forces not in actual served ought to be sent home. ‘It is now apparent to everybody that the National Guard is not going to Mexico and they were mobilized under false pretenses,’ said the senator. Heavy reductions in army bill items made Saturday were not continued today. A reaction of sentiment apparently had set in. Several senators urged that retrenchment should not be carried too far because of the present favorable aspect of the Mexican situation.”