100 years ago: With National Guard called away, Lawrence plans to start rifle club

From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for July 23, 1916:

  • “Lawrence is soon to have a rifle club for the protection of its citizens if the plans being formulated materialize as they are expected to. The new organization is to take the place of the national guardsmen who have been called away. It is felt by some of the merchants that the city should have some sort of protection, since there are now no guns here and no organization to handle any very difficult situation that might arise…. The new organization is not directly under governmental control, but may be called out by the governor in time of need. It is to be a member of the National Rifle Club.”
  • “The board of education, at an adjourned meeting held yesterday afternoon, authorized a number of purchases and repairs in order to get the buildings into good condition for the opening of the fall term. The board authorized the painting of the fire escapes of the Manual Training and High School buildings…. The contract for lighting the four middle rooms of Central and some additional lighting for the High School was awarded to Graeber Brothers, their bid being the lowest…. The board instructed the clerk to get prices on some new drinking fountains as well as on some new parts to be attached to the old fountains now in use. The old fountains will be overhauled and the sinks refinished with enamel and made to look more inviting. Two rooms which have some old and very uncomfortable desks, will be replaced with modern adjustable desks, which will make these rooms more comfortable as well as healthful…. The committee on school houses and grounds selected the colors of the finish of the halls at Quincy and Woodlawn and the wall paper for the Woodlawn school with the idea of improving the light in these two schools, which have been very poorly lighted. The Woodlawn school having very dark green paper together with the small windows and lots of trees made the rooms very dark.”
  • “The catch of the season was reported last night by three Lawrence men of unquestionable knowledge of the truth. Fred A. Clarke, Frank Brooks and Will Hoadley went fishing in a slough in North Lawrence yesterday afternoon from 3 to 7 o’clock. During that time they pulled out 22 pounds of carp, buffalo and channel cat fish. They had by no means exhausted the supply of fish although they had used all of their bait. They did not return to catch the rest of them last night after getting more bait as they want to spend another afternoon pulling in the big ones.”
  • “A trainload of auto trucks went through Lawrence this morning en route to the troops on the border. About fifty trucks were included in the shipment. This will add materially to the equipment of the regulars and militiamen on the border and in case of actual fighting will aid in transportation of provisions and troops. The trucks were of various kinds depending upon the use to which the United States will put them.”
  • “A big feature of the Douglas County fair this year will be the baby show. Every baby in the county will have a chance to get into the competition for the prizes and this department of the big fair will be one of the most interesting on the grounds. Last year ninety babies were entered in the contest and the judging of the youngsters was an event of interest to everyone present and especially of the mothers.”