100 years ago: Robbers loot Linwood bank in ‘bold daylight holdup’

From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for July 21, 1916:

  • “In a bold daylight holdup, robbers took about $1500 from the Linwood State Bank at 2:30 this afternoon, and made their escape in two automobiles. When last heard from, they were three miles north of Linwood, speeding west. The daring exploit was staged by four men and one woman. T. W. Martin, cashier, and his son, Murray, were in the bank when three men drove up to the curb in a Knox car. One of them remained in the machine while the other two entered. Seizing the two men in the bank the robbers ordered Mr. Martin to go to the safe and get them some money. Mr. Martin did so. The robbers then forced Mr. Martin and his son into the vault and tried to lock them in, but they could not work the lock. Rushing out, they got into the car and drove quickly away. Meanwhile, a man and woman in an Overland roadster had been waiting around the corner. The two automobiles drove east out of the city…. The police in neighboring towns have all been notified of the robbery, and an attempt to catch the automobiles is going on this afternoon.”
  • “With three rousing cheers for Lawrence, the seventh annual convention of the Kansas Retailers Association came to a close last night as the best convention ever held by that organization. The excitement and interest of the convention prevailed up to the last minute and not until the last business was transacted did anyone think of leaving. And after the last business the delegates stood up to express their appreciation of the wonderful time afforded them by the Merchants and Farmers Association of Lawrence.”
  • “While trying to do some of the stunts of his boyhood days at Woodland Park last night, Hugh Crawford, an assistant in City Engineer Dunmire’s office, broke a bone in his left arm directly above the wrist. The injury was painful at the time, but it was promptly dressed and is doing nicely today. An x-ray of the fracture will be taken tomorrow. Mr. Crawford is a K. U. student specializing in Engineering work.”
  • “A number of repairs are being made to the India School House in getting it ready for the opening of school. The old fence is being replaced by a new one and the roof is being repaired. The school house is in rather bad condition, but it will be fixed up somewhat before September 1.”