100 years ago: Swimmer fees keep KU’s Potter Lake afloat

From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for July 20, 1916:

  • “Since the new term of summer school has started, the bathers in Potter Lake who are not enrolled in summer school will have to pay a fee of a dollar for the use of the lake for the remainder of the summer. A permit has to be obtained for all swimmers but the summer students are given free permits by the registrar. Potter Lake has been one of the popular places in Lawrence this summer and the authorities desire to keep it open as long as possible. With the money obtained from the permits, guards will be kept at the lake and other expenses met. The plan worked successfully during the first term of the summer session and it is probable that it will work as well during the second term just starting. There have been numerous improvements made…. Ten loads of sand have changed the mud bottom of the lake and more sand will be added during the coming summer months…. It is estimated that an average of 275 people make use of the cooling waters of Potter Lake each afternoon during the nine weeks of summer school.”
  • “The merchants in the seventh annual convention of the Kansas Retailers association being held in Lawrence at the present time got down to real business yesterday afternoon and this morning. A large part of the routine work of the convention was taken care of and the visitors had time to hear from a number of men experienced in the handling of problems which confront the ordinary merchant. Many helpful talks are being given…. The entertainment tendered the visitors last night was such that the delegates could not help but have a good time. A comedy and the latest news film were added to the regular Bowersock show and this furnished laughter and entertainment…. This morning the final entertainment for the visitors was given them in the form of an auto trip over the city. The Lawrence merchants responded to the call for cars and every visitor was cared for. They were not a bit slow in expressing their appreciation of the courtesies of the Merchants Association and spoke well of the fine points of the city.”
  • “Olin, the eleven-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Henderson of Clinton, had his arm broken last night when kicked by a horse. Olin was riding his bicycle and was passing a team on the road when the horse kicked him. He was brought to the Simmons hospital in Lawrence where Dr. E. K. Keith treated the fracture.”
  • “A fire got beyond control when dead grass and brush were being burned on the University golf links this afternoon. The fire department was called out to prevent damage to Marvin Grove.”
  • “Plans are now under way for the big C. P. A. picnic at Eudora. The exact date has not been set, but the celebration is to be held some time next month. The Eudora Chautauqua is to open on September 3.”