100 years ago: Interurban ‘car barn’ almost ready for business

From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for July 19, 1916:

  • “The interurban tracks are being laid in both directions across the Kaw river and it is only a matter of a few days until they will meet on the second span of the old bridge and regular service between Seventh and Massachusetts in Lawrence and Tenth and Main in Kansas City will be a reality. The work is coming along better than was expected…. A light temporary track is being laid from Sixth street to the bridge. This track is being put on top of the pavement because it will only remain there until the new bridge is complete…. When the cars from the north side arrive at the car barn in the 600 block they will find everything ready for them there. The waiting room, the ticket room and the baggage and freight rooms are all ready. The tracks and switches are all in place and the overhead wires are ready except the ‘juice’ has not been turned on yet. The car barn itself is not quite complete, but it is as ready as it needs to be for immediate use.”
  • “The new concrete bridge over the Kaw is progressing as rapidly as the interurban bridge. The forms are in place for the fourth span and the concrete will be poured in this section late tomorrow afternoon and Friday.”
  • “A letter from H. E. Reyer, commissary sergeant with the first regiment, states that the militiamen are getting plenty to eat and are enjoying life on the [Mexican] border. The vaccination for typhoid and smallpox has made very few of the soldiers sick, according to his letter. He has a horny toad as his mascot while a number of the men have pet lizards. He states the weather is fine and the water is much better than they had at Fort Riley. With this combination along with good ‘eats’ Reyer has gained six pounds since he has been on the border…. In a letter from the border, Ewart Plank wrote: ‘I am really liking the climate as it is right now. The rainy season, which is occurring at the present time and continues for four weeks after starting, is a very agreeable period. It is said that it lasts till August 15, and I surely hope so – that will mean an extra week of rain and clouds. The sun came out for a while and ran the temperature right up. When it gets up to 110 or so, we do not fee the heat as you folks do in Kansas – it only makes us lazy and sort of tired.'”
  • “Cats may be a means of spreading infantile paralysis, according to Prof. W. J. Baumgartner of the University. He says that the animals have been known to carry other diseases, and it is altogether possible that they may also be responsible for cases of the new epidemic. In several eastern states, animals have been sacrificed to prevent further spread of the disease.”