100 years ago: Storm brings cooling relief, but not much rain

From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for July 17, 1916:

  • “Almost exactly at 1 o’clock this afternoon thunder began to roll and soon afterward the long dry spell came to an end, for the time being at least. Not much rain fell, but in the short time that the rain was falling, the downtown thermometers dropped about fifteen degrees from the hundred mark and there was a general feeling of relief. Reports indicate that light rains were general over the eastern part of Kansas. Coming as it did, after an extremely hot night, the sudden coolness was more than welcome. A great deal more rain is needed in this section to make the farmers happy. Corn is very dry. Gardens about town are suffering.”
  • “If a gang of men invades your yard, armed with implements of warfare directed against the weeds, it would be best not to molest them. They are there with authority. The weed cutters are to be sent out from the city hall within a week or so, if property owners do not get the cutting done before that time, it was announced this morning. The ordinance that provides for keeping down too much vegetation is to be enforced, and indications point to some work of this kind soon. The city weed cutting comes after about a month’s waiting on the part of the officials. Notifications will first be sent out. The expense of these papers and of cutting, if it is done, will be added to the taxes of the property concerned.”
  • “If the work of the next few days on the interurban bridge progresses as rapidly as it has during the past week, the cars of the Kansas City, Kaw Valley and Western Railway will be going up and down Massachusetts street every hour by the last of next week. The work is rapidly nearing completion and only unexpected delay will prevent regular traffic to the south side before the first of the month…. The new permanent bridge over the Kaw is fast becoming a reality. The concrete for the third arch was poured Saturday and all except the concrete arms that extend out from the main trafficway have been completed on this section.”
  • “An Odd Accident occurred this morning at the corner of New Hampshire and Tenth streets when the auto delivery truck of the Planz bakery struck the rear wheel of one of the Mathew lumber wagons. The wagon had on a good-sized load when the automobile struck, but the rear axle was broken loose and whirled part way around, without any other damage.”
  • “Zarricimos Tsakonos found this morning that window peeping does not pay in Lawrence. Following his conviction of annoying a family on South Kentucky street, he received a fine of $100 in police court, and in default of payment was committed to jail.”
  • “More warrants for persons who have allowed their dog taxes to become delinquent were issued from police court this morning. It has been announced that the vigorous campaign for collection will be continued.”