100 years ago: Presentation on Antarctic cools July crowd

From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for July 13, 1916:

  • “Down in the audience it was hot – extremely hot – but up on the screen it was cold with a coldness that the people who haven’t been in the Antarctic can not realize, when the Sir Douglas Mawson Antarctic pictures were shown in Fraser hall last night. It was an interesting summer night’s experience, many members of the audience asserted after the last of the six reels had been shown. The collection of views and Antarctic scenes collected by the intrepid explorers in polar wastes proved of absorbing interest to the Lawrence people who saw them. Bird and marine life was shown in abundance.”
  • “A Kansas newspaper man, possibly touched by the heat, dashes off this protest against the unequal rights enjoyed by men and women in this hot weather: ‘Women demand equal rights with men. What does a woman have to wear during the oppressive dog days? One low-necked, sleeveless, mosquito netting gown. One pair silk stockings. One pair slippers. That’s all. What does a man wear during the said dog days? One coat. One vest. One pair trousers. One shirt with starched collar. One pair socks. One pair shoes. One union suit. One hat. One pair suspenders. One belt. One necktie. If he takes his coat off in a hot restaurant he is thrown out. If he takes his tight collar off, he’s a rube. If he wore his trousers slit up to the knee he would be sent to the insane asylum. Equal rights? Huh!'”
  • “Many relatives of Lawrence militiamen were gladdened today by letters received from the soldiers. Evidently the first rush of setting up camp [at Eagle Pass, Tex.] is now over, and the guardsmen now have a little time in which to write to the folks at home. The letters are all agreed that the regiment has a fine camp ground and that everybody in the Kansas organization is in the best of health. They are furthermore agreed that while the weather is hot, it isn’t any harder to stand than what the boys had to endure at Fort Riley. The nights are cold and everybody gets plenty of sleep.”
  • “It would not be correct to say that Kansas is ready for infantile paralysis if it comes. No community can ever be ready for such a visitation. But it is a fact that the health authorities of the state, Douglas county’s officials among them, have done what they could to instruct the people as to how they may best avoid an epidemic. There is sure to be some anxiety and uncertainty as long as the disease rages elsewhere. Everyone hopes the paralysis will not spread beyond those localities where it has already appeared.”
  • “New York. – A monster shark whose stomach contained part of a human body was killed at Keyport, N. J. today, according to information received at the weather bureau here from the observatory at Long Beach, N. J. The shark, weighing 300 pounds and eleven feet long, was killed near the mouth of Matawan Creek, N. J., and is undoubtedly the same fish which yesterday invaded the creek and killed two persons, the weather bureau’s informant reported.”