100 years ago: Only 19, but his mind is older: Youngest student graduates from KU

From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for July 12, 1916:

  • “The youngest student who ever graduated from the University of Kansas will receive a degree at the close of summer session next week. Forrest J. Miller entered the University at the age of 14 and at the time wore short trousers. He kept hard at work and did not seem to be handicapped in the least by his age. He is only nineteen years old at the present time. Miller completed the common school course of the state at the age of ten and then graduated from the Sabetha high school before entering the University. He will accept a position with the American Radiator Company in Oxford, Ill., after receiving his degree.”
  • “The ‘Kansas National Guard Auxiliary’ will be the name of the organization that has been formed in Lawrence for the purpose of looking after the interests of the Lawrence soldiers, while they are on duty at the [Mexican] border. The name was adopted at a meeting of the committee this morning. The $300 asked by Colonel W. S. Metcalf to provide for greater comfort for the Lawrence men now encamped at Eagle Pass was sent yesterday…. Word which has come from members of the First Regiment since that organization reached Eagle Pass indicates that the weather in the present camp of the soldiers is much like what they experienced at Fort Riley. While the weather is hot it is not excessively so, and there is a cool breeze at night which makes the period of rest delightful…. The National Guard Auxiliary is now ready to begin the important work of gathering funds, and the active solicitation will begin tomorrow. Every one in town who wishes to aid in the patriotic work of adding to the comfort of the Lawrence soldiers along the border and providing for the care of dependent families left behind by militiamen who answered the call to the colors will have a chance to contribute.”
  • “A large concrete retaining wall is to be built along the Santa Fe tracks on the river front in the near future according to a report from Santa Fe officials today…. The Merchants Association has appointed a committee of its members to work with the Santa Fe in the construction of the wall so that the finished product will add a touch of beauty to the river front. The committee hopes to extend the plans of the Santa Fe officials in such a way that a promenade can be built on top of the wall so that people may enjoy the river front. Seats then would be placed along the walk so that Lawrence people could spend a hot summer evening near the water.”
  • “A new schedule of working hours for street car employes goes into effect today. The number of workmen will be decreased by four and the new men will be allowed to earn more than they were able to under the old plan. Each man will work from ten to twelve hours a day where he formerly averaged only eight to ten hours. The change has been made at the request of the employes who being paid by the hour, want a chance to earn more money. Another good feature of the change will be that the men will have an hour off for each meal without hampering the regular street car service in any way.”
  • “A tour of 662 miles was made by C. W. Smith recently in his Hudson Six Fifty-four. The party of four in the car had two trunks attached to the car which added considerable weight to the car yet the distance was made with 46 gallons of Mutual gasoline. With gasoline at the present price the record was a money-saver.”