100 years ago: New reusable decorations ordered for city-wide events

From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Jan. 18, 1916:

  • “Plans for buying some form of decorations for Lawrence, to be sold individually to the different merchants of the city, which can be used on any occasion that might arise, were discussed by the members of the Farmers and Merchants association in their regular weekly meeting today at noon. After a conference with decoration experts, the secretary of the association, together with the chair of the entertainment committee, presented to the association a plan for buying pennants, crimson and blue, to measure 18 by 42. These pennants are to contain the letters ‘Welcome to Lawrence.’ At the top of the pennant will be a space eight inches wide left blank where the name of the visiting order, association, or team in whose honor the city is decorated, may be inserted. The cost of buying different decorations for every occasion will be saved by the adoption of this plan according to the committee having this in charge.”
  • “K. D. Klemm, president of the Kansas City, Kaw Valley and Western Interurban company, appeared before the city commission at its weekly meeting today…. Permission is granted to the interurban to construct a switch track along Levee street, and a turn-out in the 600 block of Massachusetts street. This turn-out is to run into the Glathart building, which will be the station of the company in Lawrence.”
  • “In an address before the students of the department of journalism at the University yesterday afternoon at 4:30 o’clock, Wittner Bynner, poet and magazine editor, asserted that love stories, with the real sloppy love that the hero always makes, are what a majority of the magazines want from their contributors, and that no kind of literature is so easy to sell. All of the women’s magazines, and most of the popular sellers, depend upon the love yarns as their most consistent means to increase circulation, according to the writer.”
  • “The committee for the fitting of the rooms at the Social Service League Hall for the new matron, Mrs. Scothorn, who will be in charge of the work there, are in need of articles of furniture to make the rooms more comfortable and homelike. A rug for one of the rooms and also a heating stove are the articles most needed. Either a gas stove or a coal stove will be acceptable.”
  • “That military training will never supplant gymnasium exercises as a means of developing the human body, is the belief of H. A. Lorenz, instructor in physical education at the University. The exercises that enter into military drill are not the kind that go to make for the most nearly ideal development, Mr. Lorenz believes, and he thinks that were compulsory drill placed at K. U., the student would have less of an opportunity for good development than he has at the present time.”
  • “Several young fellows entered Lawrence stores Saturday and passed checks which were found on being sent to the banks to be worthless. Several of the merchants who cashed the checks or gave merchandise for them had no suspicion that the checks were questionable. The perpetrators of the frauds could not be found today.”
  • “A fire originating in a barrel of trash in the basement of the house at 1140 Mississippi street was reported to the fire department yesterday afternoon at 3:45 o’clock. A run was made to the scene but the fire had been extinguished before any damage was done. The house was occupied by Mrs. Eustace Brown. It is owned by W. E. Hazen.”
  • “Walter Johnson, managing editor of the Topeka Daily Capital, will talk to students in the department of journalism at the University tomorrow afternoon at 4:30 o’clock, on the ‘Limitations and Opportunities of the Newspaper Man.'”
  • “Paralee Walker, who was paroled from the city jail about a month ago, was arrested and recommitted yesterday. The parole which was given was on condition that the woman should leave town, but she has been hanging around ever since.”