100 years ago: KU professor leads campaign to stop cigarette advertising

From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Feb. 5, 1916:

  • “The grand strategy of a War Against Cigarettes, directed from Lawrence by Prof. W. A. McKeever of the bureau of child welfare of the University, is beginning to show results. Professor McKeever’s forces are now moving on one of the main outworks of cigarettes, the cigarette advertisement. One important work fell recently, when the Saturday Evening Post publishers agreed not to insert any more cigarette advertisements in that periodical after existing contracts had been filled. That result was brought about by a plan which Professor McKeever devised. He interested welfare bodies and induced readers of the Post to write letters to the publishers objecting to cigarette advertising. In six months the desired result was achieved. This plan is to be followed with other publications, and Professor McKeever expects to be able to show the publishers that there is a widespread objection to this form of advertising and that all it needs is to find a means of expression.”
  • “K. U. coasting enthusiasts who have been pleading for a bridge to be built over the ravine just north of Mount Oread, were informed today that their request would be granted. According to plans made by John M. Shea, superintendent of buildings and grounds at the University, and W. O. Hamilton, general manager of athletics, a bridge twelve feet wide is to be constructed immediately just south of the tennis courts near McCook field. Red lights will be placed on each side of the bridge to guide night coasting parties.”
  • “I. J. Grey, poor commissioner, has received a letter from Judge H. B. Swartz which contained a pictures of the judge’s new balloting machine, which registers and tallies the votes as they are cast. Judge Swartz was an old schoolmate of Mr. Grey’s years ago in Ohio.”
  • “J. S. Amick tore a fender from his car yesterday afternoon when he skidded into a tree. He was turning a corner when the car slipped in the slushy street narrowly missing the tree. A number of such accidents have occurred in Lawrence especially on the steep hilly streets of the city.”
  • “Farmers living south of Eudora are planning a big wolf drive for Saturday morning, one that will cover several miles of territory and is expected to rid the neighborhood of several wolves that have been sighted there. The hunt will start at 9:30 o’clock and the general roundup will be held two and a half miles south and a half mile east of Eudora. Large high power rifles will be barred from all the hunting parties.”