Behind the Lens: Prom photos in perspective

photo by: Mike Yoder

A Wellsville High School couple heads to the high school for their senior prom after promenading down Main Street for family and friends April 16, 2016.

After a short hiatus, we are bringing back our Behind the Lens column. To start, this will be a monthly photography feature with an emphasis on displaying images.

We will spotlight a variety of subjects and tools, but the focus will be on the photograph and the creative process of image-making. We hope this feature will inspire your own photographic adventures.

At Wellsville High School, student couples traditionally promenade down a one-block section of Main Street before prom.

To document the event, I mostly used a 50mm lens, a lens often overlooked by photographers. The lens neither captures a wide-angle of view nor zooms in tight on a distant subject. It simply captures subjects in a natural perspective, similarly to the way we see things with an unaided eye. If you are willing to move, walking toward or away from subjects, a 50mm “normal” lens is capable of capturing scenes both wide and near.

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