Letter: Neighborhood issue

To the editor:

This regards the recent Journal-World staff blog “Battle brewing in East Lawrence Neighborhood Association.”

A new group of folks does seem to want to make this ELNA election all about East Ninth, and sometimes it appears as a pro-versus-con situation, but this just isn’t true. A little secret: The current and previous ELNA boards have not come out in favor of or in opposition to East Ninth. What the ELNA boards have done is advocated for neighborhood participation, distributed information, hosted numerous gatherings (some with third-party moderators,) and provided a public space for document review and discussion with project leaders.

As individuals of the board, we have various takes on East Ninth, just like our neighborhood. But as a group, it isn’t our job to shove this project down our neighbors’ throats, nor is it to spread contempt and try to kill it. It is our job to communicate and to create a space where voices and viewpoints can find compassion.

The board also does so much more and can’t be reduced to this solitary issue. The Yart Sale, block party, neighborhood clean-ups, adopt-a-family, paper newsletters, an e-newsletter, a website, an active Facebook page and more all are done in the interest of our mission to take care of our people by connecting as a community.

I am proud of who we are as the ELNA board, and what we accomplish. If you have questions, contact me. If you live in the neighborhood, see you at the election on Nov. 2.