Bishop Seabury class ready to lead, learn from others

While many of the audience members that Jack Powell addressed Friday were not done being students, the Bishop Seabury Academy graduate told his classmates to be more than that: “Go out there and teach something.”

In his address, Powell spoke of how anyone can be a teacher to somebody and even wagered that the instructors at Bishop Seabury have also learned from him and his classmates as well.

“There is no greater gift than to have your life enriched by seeing, hearing or experiencing something you never would have if it hadn’t been for another person to expose you to it,” Powell said. “That person is a teacher.

“You should be considerate of your teachers because whether you like it or not, you are, have been and will be one as well.”

Powell was chosen by the other 19 members of Bishop Seabury’s class of 2015 to speak at its commencement inside the school gym Friday. Bishop Seabury is an Episcopal, college preparatory school with an enrollment of 185 students. More than 200 members of the public attended Friday’s ceremony.

Also speaking Friday was the class valedictorian, Charlie Arnold. He told the audience to remain inquisitive and work hard. He said there will always be someone out there better at a certain skill and that it’s important to learn from that person.

“It’s what we’re all supposed to do, share our talents so we can improve as a whole,” Arnold said. “When you forget to ask questions, you forget to learn and you forget to become better.”

Commencement at Bishop Seabury, held Friday morning with the entire student body present, also features another ritual called the “Stepping Up Ceremony.” In it, all seven grades take turns standing up and shaking hands with the grade below, recognizing that the younger students will be taking their place.

The ceremony is performed in silence, but when it came time for the rising seniors to meet those graduating, there were hugs aplenty and kind words exchanged between the two groups.