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Rasmussen responds to concerns about out-of-town donations

March 27, 2015


Lawrence City Commission candidate Stan Rasmussen is seeking to assure voters that he’s not allowing several thousand dollars of campaign donations from outside of Lawrence and from a politically active conservative activist to influence his campaign.

Letters to the editor and campaign murmurings in recent days had started to focus on $4,500 worth of donations that Rasmussen’s campaign received from Ivan Crossland Jr., his family members and related companies owned by the Crossland family. The Crossland family has been active in supporting conservative causes.

As of the most recent campaign expenditure reports, the $4,500 in donations represented a little more than 20 percent of all the donations raised by Rasmussen.

Rasmussen said the donations from the Crosslands were the result of a relationship he had formed with Ivan Crossland, Jr. while they were classmates in the 2007 Leadership Kansas class. Rasmussen also developed a relationship with Patrick Crossland, who also donated to Rasmussen’s campaign, when Rasmussen served as the state program chair for Leadership Kansas, a program run by the Kansas Chamber of Commerce.

Stan Rasmussen

Stan Rasmussen

“They aren’t active in this race,” Rasmussen said of the Crossland family. “I doubt they even know the issues in this race. They haven’t talked to me about them. I think he really was just trying to help a classmate.”

Rasmussen, the second-place finisher in the primary election, said he sent out an e-mail in late 2014 when he decided to run for the City Commission. He sent the e-mail to his Leadership Kansas friends and others. Ivan Crossland, Jr. called shortly thereafter and asked Rasmussen if he could donate to his campaign. In total Crossland family members or companies controlled by Crossland family members made nine donations, each for the $500 maximum allowed by law. All the donations were made during the late 2014 reporting period. The family hasn’t made any donations during the 2015 reporting period, and Rasmussen said the new campaign finance reports that are due Monday won’t have any contributions from the Crosslands.

“I hadn’t talked to him in several years,” Rasmussen said. “We don’t have a close relationship.”

Several other out-of-town donations on Rasmussen's campaign finance report also came from Leadership Kansas classmates, Rasmussen said.

Some Lawrence residents had expressed concerns after they began looking at Rasmussen’s campaign finance reports. Geri Shoger said she was concerned that statewide political activists were starting to shift their attention to local elections.

“Local elections should be local,” said Shoger, who wrote a letter to the editor. “We shouldn’t have that big of an influence coming from Missouri or Arkansas. These people don’t know our issues.”

The Crossland family is primarily based in southeast Kansas, where it runs a successful construction company. But some of the donations to Rasmussen also came from Crossland companies that are based in Missouri and Arkansas.

Rasmussen said he did not want voters to think that his acceptance of the campaign contributions meant that he agreed with all the political positions espoused by the Crosslands.

“I think we have different views on things,” Rasmussen said. “I’m not sure what Ivan’s views are on issues because we haven’t talked about them. He has a reputation of being very conservative, but I don’t see his views influencing me more than anybody else. I’m my own man.”

Crossland’s construction companies aren’t generally large players in the Lawrence construction market. But over the past couple years the company has bid on a pair of high-profile projects. Crossland was the second-lowest bidder for the $10.5 million recreation center at Rock Chalk Park. More recently, a Crossland company was the low bidder for the approximately $50 million wastewater treatment plan. But city commissioners rejected that bid because it came in about $5 million above engineer’s estimates. Commissioners agreed to rebid the project.

Rasmussen said he wasn’t aware that Crossland had bid on city projects when he accepted the donations. He said it would create no problems for him as a commissioner.

“They are not calling me and asking for my opinion or anything like that,” Rasmussen said. “I haven’t had any contact with Ivan since he sent me the checks.

“I’m not elected by my donors. I’m elected by the citizens of Lawrence, and that is who I will be representing, if I serve on the City Commission.”

Other candidates for the three at-large seats on the commission are Stuart Boley, Matthew Herbert, Terry Riordan, Bob Schumm and Leslie Soden. The election is April 7.

Find the latest on the Lawrence City Commission and school board elections, plus candidate profiles and questionnaires, at


Phil Minkin 3 years, 2 months ago

That's how it works. People who donate large sums expect to have the ear of the candidate the support financially. He may not have heard from them, but he can expect communication if he is elected.

David Holroyd 3 years, 2 months ago

All due respect, but Ivan Crossland could have donated $500 on behalf of his "old" friend.

This can be spun anyway you want, but a contractor who has bid projects in Lawrence throws in $4,5000 and a local banker contributes only $25.

Mr Radmussen, could have been a bit more ethical and not accepted the additional $4,000.

Why doesn't Chad follow up on the article about The daughter of Mr Crossland and her connections with Americans for Prosperity. I could care less about about that group, but others might.

I see Crossland contributions just as disturbing as the Rademacher family with the student daughter giving $500 and the parents much less. What goes with this ?

Rasmussen has been on the Planning commission and he doesn't know about bids Crossland has submitted?

That there folks is an uninformed candidate!

Clark Coan 3 years, 2 months ago

The Crosslands have given campaign contributions to wacky-birds such as Far Right Congressman Jim Ryun. Kansas Leadership is run by the Kansas Chamber of Commerce and Industry. So, you can see where Rasmussen's loyalties lie and they are not with ordinary Lawrencians who want to enhance the quality of life in our neighborhoods.

Andy Anderson 3 years, 2 months ago

wacky-birds? What kind of person uses a word like that to characterize an Olympian?

What do you call the Olympian Bruce Jenner who wants to be a female? Which, by the way, is a scientific impossibility.

Clark Coan 3 years, 2 months ago

Here is just one example. His daughters could not date. A boy could "court" a daughter and sit on the front porch with a daughter but that was it. Kinda like Brownback washed the feet of his federal employees in a federal building and he is an active layperson in Opus Dei, the secretive Catholic organization founded by fascist Spanish priest in the 1920s.

Andy Anderson 3 years, 2 months ago

I'm just curious. wacky-birds is a guy, or people?... that want the best for the children. What's your name for Bruce Jenner?

Oh. I don't get the relationship of fathers wanting to protect their girls, and Opus Dei layperson washing government employees feet.

John Kyle 3 years, 2 months ago

Are you suggesting that the Crosslands donated money to Bruce Jenner? Calling Jim Ryun a Wacky-bird does in this context does not mean he is calling all Olympians wacky-birds. Maybe a better term would be conservative nut-case.

Andy Anderson 3 years, 2 months ago

Thanks for the laugh. Your Complex critical thinking is too predictable.

Bob Forer 3 years, 2 months ago

Everything about Andy is comical. He is a funny kid.

Cille King 3 years, 2 months ago

"The Crossland family has been active in supporting conservative causes." There is a lot of information on line regarding the Crossland's and the attempt to remove the Renewable Energy Portfolio to use more renewable energy in Kansas." Below is one:

"The flyer – featuring a despondent senior trying to figure out how to make ends meet – was distributed by the Kansas Senior Consumer Alliance, formed in late April and founded by Virginia Crossland-Macha, sister of Kansas Chamber of Commerce board chairman Ivan Crossland. When initially asked about whether AFP assisted the Kansas Senior Consumer Alliance, AFP director Jeff Glendening offered a definitive “no.”" ... "As the parties in question tell it, they had no connection, collusion or coordination – it just so happens that the Kansas Chamber of Commerce, AFP-Kansas and this new Kansas Senior Consumer Alliance all felt so strongly about the evils of a renewable energy standard they relied on the same untruthful message. Everything else was simply coincidental."


I want Lawrence and Kansas to become as sustainable as possible. Removing the incentives for renewable energy will not help in that goal.

Philipp Wannemaker 3 years, 2 months ago

Not calling Stan a liar, but, how can he be on planning commission and not be aware of who is bidding on future projects. And I'm sure his C of C buddies know who is and therefore I think he does as well. Or he's totally clueless as to what is going on in Lawrence.

Carol Bowen 3 years, 2 months ago

Folks, The Planning Commision does not review bids.

Philipp Wannemaker 3 years, 2 months ago

So you're saying he's clueless as I pointed out? So shouldn't be a CC?

Carol Bowen 3 years, 2 months ago

Just addressing an assumption posters have made. The Planning Commission is not involved in the bidding process. Critique the candidate all you want, but spin it accurately.

Richard Crank 3 years, 2 months ago

Between endorsements by groups I don't like, campaign signs on the properties of businesses I don't care for, and information like this that increases my awareness of candidates even now, I appreciate all the help I've gotten for deciding who I will and won't vote for. It's time the citizens of Lawrence took back control of the city.

David Holroyd 3 years, 2 months ago

Ms Bowen, I stand by my words about those who serve on the planning commission. They all full well know what is going on in the city and the county. If they do not, then they need to RESIGN.

I never said they took bids, but they sure darn well are aware of what will be put up for bid.

That is not spin!

Rasmussen may be correct about the political beliefs of the Crossland family, but the financial contributions have nothing to with political beliefs, but they have everything to do with future construction work in Lawrence and the county, like a jail, another school, a police office building and what else?

Just as local bankers, real estate people and investment advisors have to gain with a vote on the commission!

Maybe Mr Rasmussen should sign a waiver that he will not vote for any bid submitted by Crossland for work in Lawrence. Likewise, return $4,000 of campaign contributions as a good faith gesture that he does not need the money, when $500 would have been a kind contribution from his friend Ivan .

Jerry Harper 3 years, 2 months ago

The campaign reports filed the first of the week, which I hope the Journal-World will cover extensively, should be enlightening. I think most will be surprised at just how much money is being spent on this campaign by Mr. Rasmussen in comparison to other candidates. A letter-to-the-editor writer last week correctly said "Follow the money."

David Holroyd 3 years, 2 months ago

CadreLawrence members should be ferreted out. And to think the Board of Realtors would not endorse Mr Boley is really strange. He is not a newcomer, he works with the the Douglas County Community Foundation and well, ho hum, I guess because he is a retired IRS agent he is suspect?

Well, a $4,500 donation from a construction related company is not suspect? What's a few thousand between friends? And right from the get go.

Why does Mr Rasmussen want this seat so bad to drum up so much money.? After all, the chamber voters already know him, the CadreLawrence know him so why does he need so much money? Does he not trust the good judgement of his friends to vote him in.?

Herbert has been endorsed by the Board of Realtors and he hasn't raised much money .

All this money being spent for what?

Samantha Martin 3 years, 2 months ago

David there is nothing floating around the www about the members or membership of CadreLawrence. But when googling CadreLawrence you will find that one of its co-founders is Zac Bolick. Zac Bolick and Brian Iverson both work at Intrust Bank. Interesting.

Samantha Martin 3 years, 2 months ago

Bolick and Farmer were Leadership Lawrence classmates.

Brian Iverson 3 years, 2 months ago

Samantha, Just curious what would make that "interesting"? For the record, Stan is a friend of mine and I am proud to support him.

Philipp Wannemaker 3 years, 2 months ago

And what's in his getting elected for you? Koch business connections?

Samantha Martin 3 years, 2 months ago

For the record it is interesting that most of CadreLawrence's executive board of directors work at Intrust Bank. Doug Gaumer, Zac Bolick, Brian Iverson and Beth English.

David Holroyd 3 years, 2 months ago

So, is LawrenceUnited LLC building a campaign war chest? Where does one find the contributors to that pot of gold?

Samantha Martin 3 years, 2 months ago

David see below; March 19, 2013 Journal world Article; New pro-business political action committee enters city commission race, fueled by $5,000 donation

Riordan, though, said "it was Doug Gaumer, president of the Lawrence operations of Intrust Bank and the chair of the Lawrence Chamber of Commerce, who approached him on behalf of the PAC. He said Gaumer told him the PAC was separate from the Lawrence Chamber of Commerce."

Richard Heckler 3 years, 2 months ago

The best result of voting in low spending candidates is this might open doors for other very talented and knowledgeable people in the future if they know large sums of money are NOT necessary to participate and win

Contrary to popular belief The Kansas Chamber of Commerce is pretty much a political action committee that supports extremely right wing causes such as the Brownback administration and very likely is influenced with a few Koch $$$$.

As is the US Chamber of Commerce. These organizations are not what they were at one time and haven't been probably for the past 35 years.

The amount of campaign $$$$$$ we know of at this moment will only grow with gusto which I am not sure we can know about until the end of the campaign. Don't be surprised if the big spenders receive $25,000,$30,000 or more $$$$$ should history repeat itself.

Why do well know incumbents need so much money? We have been watching them and reading about them for awhile.

Again the best result of voting in low spending candidates is this might open doors for other very talented and knowledgeable people in the future if they know large sums of money are NOT necessary to participate and win.

I've enjoyed the idea of a cap of no more than $5000 for campaign expenses. Let's keep the playing field almost level.

David Reber 3 years, 2 months ago

The headline is wrong. It should read: "Rasmussen condescendingly dismisses concerns about out-of-state funding", and perhaps a sub-line of "Candidate apparently believes voters are idiots."

David Holroyd 3 years, 2 months ago

I am more concerned about who will replace Corliss and who gets pointed to the Planning Commission!

As for the candidates, not ONE of them want to,address the property taxes. Even the realtors havnt figured that out !

Boley at least has talked about the saes tax.

Matthew Herbert 3 years, 2 months ago

You should go back and watch EITHER of the candidate forums that have been televised on channel 6 where I addressed property tax rates as a prominent factor in inflated cost of living in our community. At the city hall meeting, Stan addressed it as well.

Philipp Wannemaker 3 years, 2 months ago

But there are a lot of people, me for one who do not have WOW, so forum not available. Had Sunflower from their beginning, but it then became Knology, service bad, then WOW, service worse, so do not and will not ever use them, whatever the name becomes again.

David Holroyd 3 years, 2 months ago

Has LawrenceUnitedLLC reared it's ugly head yet? I think they are still active and may have a pot of gold to distribute. Too bad Chad won't report on that group and its donors. Maybe he would come aCROSS something

Samantha Martin 3 years, 2 months ago

Thought I better post this again so it was not lost above.

David see below; March 19, 2013 Journal world Article;

New pro-business political action committee enters city commission race, fueled by $5,000 donation

Riordan, though, said "it was Doug Gaumer, president of the Lawrence operations of Intrust Bank and the chair of the Lawrence Chamber of Commerce, who approached him on behalf of the PAC. He said Gaumer told him the PAC was separate from the Lawrence Chamber of Commerce."

David Holroyd 3 years, 2 months ago

But how Mr Herbert would you reduce the mill levy for the city's portion of real estate taxes? Thus far, any NEW revenue has not done it!

To be quite blunt, would you reduce staff at City Hall? That includes ALL city employees which extends to police, fire, library and whomever else is employed. And no offense to you as a teacher, many in my family are and have been, but taxes must go down for the school district.

Talking about high they are but reducing them is taking action. It takes guts to cut a budget!

If Mr Corliss leaves will you if elected bring in a hatchet man and set an example for the school district to follow?

More retail. More new construction sure hasn't done the job!

Carol Bowen 3 years, 2 months ago


City of Lawrence 29.534

Douglas County 35.769

State of Kansas 1.500

USD #497 58.005

Total                 124.808

Here's the property tax breakdown for Lawrence. The most likely property tax to increase will be USD 497 because of recent legislation in Topeka.

Leslie Swearingen 3 years, 2 months ago

Out of curiousity I did some research to find out something about Opus Dei as I had never heard of it before. Apparently is is an ultra-orthodox organization within the Catholic Church. As a liberal Catholic I find this group interesting in some aspects. They actually have a list of forbidden books! As I have already read most of these authors and like them and will continue to read them it means nothing to me.

Which one of these authors is your fave?

There are 6,892 books with the highest rating of "6." Examples of authors who have some books with a "6" rating are: Woody Allen, Isabel Allende, Karen Armstrong, Margaret Atwood, Judy Blume, Roberto Bolano, Joseph Campbell, Gustav Flaubert, Allen Ginsberg, Mary Gordon, Gunter Grass, Andrew Greeley, Herman Hesse, Adolph Hitler, John Irving, James Joyce, Carl Jung, Eugene Kennedy, Jack Kerouac, Stephen King, Milan Kundera, Hans Kung, Harold Kushner, Henri Lefebvre, Doris Lessing, Sinclair Lewis, Richard P. MacBrien, Mary MacCarthy, Malinowski, Karl Marx, Somerset Maugham, Toni Morrison, Alice Munroe, Vladimir Nabokov, V.S. Naipaul, Pablo Neruda, Nietzcshe, Octavio Paz, Harold Pinter, Marcel Proust, Philip Roth, Bertrand Russell, John Updike, Gore Vidal, Voltaire, Alice Walker, Gary Wills and Tennessee Williams.

I put this in to show that the Opus Dei are a weird lot but hardly secret as you can find out about them on the Internet. God only knows what is not on here though. But, if Rasmussun is getting money from the Crosslands that is very suspect to me. We have enough bad things happening to our schools as it is, I don't think we want to give them a foothold into local government where they might see this as an opportunity to start enforcing their ultra-orthodox version of Catholicism. We must all live according to our own faith and not force such views on others. Beware of anyone who "knows" what is good for you, your community, your city, your state or your country.

Bob Reinsch 3 years, 2 months ago

LOL. My daughter, raised very Catholic, asked me to get her some Margaret Atwood books AND Alice Walker. I guess 'The Color Purple' is a little too much of a feminist awakening.

David Holroyd 3 years, 2 months ago

Wow, a106osts about the article chad wrote in. 2013. Bring that back in the news soon, just change the names.

The bottom line is: not one of the candidates gives a squat about someone working at Berry Plastics or as a greeter at Wal,art trying to make money to pay utilities, taxes buy medicine.

I wish each of them would get their collective butts and go with me one on one to talk to real people who live in this town and come here to shop.

I had a visit the other day with a grandma and her young grandson. The kid liked art and I told them about Spencer -Art Museum. She told me she did not know they could go to see something at KU

Instead of these candidates going door to door for a vote, get out in the public and away from their cronies at the bank or some hot shot realtors backyard pool.

They need to quit trying to be a "wanna bee" and be real!

So in 2013 that group , not ManchesterUnited, but LawrenceUnited reared it's head and is it back?

How does Farmer afford his political career on a not for profit salary?

Who is backing him . And why?

Heck, I am down now to two write ins!

joe Dotson Dennis and his girlfriend Cheryl

Well, three I guess.

At least I can have a conversation with them about their dreams and life. They too have dreams, as insignificant as they seem to others like Leadership,Lawrence

Matthew Herbert 3 years, 2 months ago

With all due respect David, I'm not sure you have any idea about the degree to which we have "gotten off our collective butts". To date, I have visited 3,814 Lawrence doors. I intend to hit no less than 4,000 by election date- ideally 4,500. When I talk to people I learn that MANY of the candidates have been doing the exact same thing I am. I know for a fact in talking with folks that Stuart Boley has matched me nearly door for door as has Stan Rasmussen. Most of us have spent nearly every waking minute since we filed (which for me was in November) focusing on being successful in this endeavor. Have we met with bankers? Yes...and cashiers, and telemarketers and school teachers and landlords and artists and unemployed people. Meanwhile, we all have full-time jobs and families to manage as well. I appreciate how "into" this election you are and hope that you vote April 7th. But please, lets focus on facts and realities and avoid mass-generalizations as to how lazy and corrupt we all are.

Samantha Martin 3 years, 2 months ago

Jeremy Farmer and Stan Rasmussen are both on the board of CadreLawrence

All in favor? New group making voice heard at City Hall July 18, 2012 Ljworld article

CadreLawrence’s board includes both chamber and nonchamber members, but Rexroad said the group does not take any direction from the chamber. In addition to Bolick and Rexroad, CadreLawrence’s board includes area bankers Brian Iverson and Michelle Fales, architects Paul Werner and Andrew Pitts, former Lawrence-Douglas County planning commissioners Brad Finkeldei and Stanley Rasmussen, area food bank director Jeremy Farmer, and residents Alex Delaney and Tim Bateman.

Michelle Fales 3 years, 2 months ago

The board of CadreLawrence has changed. Stan is no longer on board. Neither is Farmer, Iverson or myself. I'm not sure of the current board members.

Keep in mind CadreLawrence does not take donations from anyone. The members of the group support the group solely with our own funds. One of the best grassroots groups out there making Lawrence a better place.

As far as Stan, I've known him for 4 years and hold him in high regard. Even though I know I will get personally attacked here following this post since I'm an "evil" banker, I don't jump into endorsing candidates lightly. I hold personal character as one of the most important things I look at. But we are all human, I have endorsed a candidate in the past that I later regretted after their true colors came out. However I don't think that will be the case with Stan. He has sat down with me and several of my customers and been asked some tough questions. I'm not sure we always heard what we wanted to hear, but we heard what Stan really felt. Not what he thought we wanted to hear.

As far as campaign donations, after helping several candidates in the past with their campaigns, most of the time donations show up in the mail. You're grateful for all the donations you receive because running a campaign is not inexpensive. I have never heard one donor tell one of my candidates that their donation is contingent on X. I believe the same is the case with these donations to Stan. Let's not make something a conspiracy when it's not. You'll see my name coming up as a donor on a campaign or two. Has nothing to do with my job as a banker or as a former CadreLawrence member. It all has to do with where my heart felt some of my well earned money should go to help our community become a better place.

As always any questions about my comments, feel free to message me or call me at 785-331-7589.

Samantha Martin 3 years, 2 months ago

Michelle, when the same people are tied to CadreLawrence, the Chamber board, the planning commission and the city commission, I think it is fair to ask, what do these folks have in common. They have all been or are active members or have been or are being supported by CadreLawrence. CadreLawrence wants to control the majority of these boards and commissions. No conspiracy, just fact.

Michelle Fales 3 years, 2 months ago

Samantha, as stated above if you want to discuss please message me or give me a call. I don't believe you understand CadreLawrence and its role in the community.

David Holroyd 3 years, 2 months ago

I cannot believe how defensive Mr Herbert has gotten .

Going door to,door before a campaign is a heck of a lot different than interacting day to day with people and you know that Mr Herbert. Your tone now begins to sound like Mr Farmer .

I will make up my mind to vote when I see who the PACs come out to support.

Right now, Joe Dotson has my vote!

Michelle Fales 3 years, 2 months ago

Eileen and Samantha, CadreLawrence was an organization formed by several individuals. Main focus is to look at projects that will improve the tax base and economic development in Lawrence. Our focus was to educate the public on all the facts regarding a project and encourage everyone to let their voice be heard. Based off facts not speculation. The organization may have members from banks, architecture firms that have been traditionally Chamber members. However this is not a Chamber organization. Not affiliated with any other organization. Several members are/were self employed business owners. Several work for banks. Several work for architecture firms. I learned a lot working with these individuals about projects possibly coming to Lawrence. Then based on that info we each individually made our own decision. We also distributed the info to our mailing list so they could make their own decision. Didn't always agree but at least all informed by facts. If you would like to start receiving their information go to their website and sign up.

Michelle Fales 3 years, 2 months ago

David, I have never been a member of MadreLawrence and therefore can not answer any questions about their organization.

David Holroyd 3 years, 2 months ago

CadreLawrence did a poor job of informing the public on the rec center aka rock chalk park.

David Holroyd 3 years, 2 months ago

Your thoughts are not very clear. Anyone who believes a landlord gets a tax break from an empty apartment is, well not thinking very clear. You are a bit misguided!

Samantha Martin 3 years, 2 months ago

Michelle could you share 'here' who the individuals are that formed CadreLawrence. For such a large well organized group that wants to be heard there is no information on its website about it's members, staff or who drafts CadreLawence's position and opinion about projects going throught the project approval process at City Hall or thier support of candidates during election seasons. How is it CadreLawrence has access to information about many projects before newspaper articles are printed. CadreLawrence member statements made during public meetings in support of certain projects, the posts, statements, opinions, and positions include some details that are not available to the general public. Is this information coming directly from the developer/applicant, thier consultants or is it coming from City Hall. You also mention that CadreLawrence is funded by its members, not donations. Is CadreLawrence a 501.3C non-profit. The candidate you endorsed and later regretted endorsing when they "showed thier true colors" please share thier name. And lastly, you said CadreLawence is "making Lawrence a better place". Please give a few examples here:

David Holroyd 3 years, 2 months ago

Guess Michelle doesn't have any facts. How was it that Farmer got endorsed by bankers and construction folks and Farmer represents the poor?

He sure must not be poor himself to go to,Europe first class and hang with Rexroad and Dever.

Michelle Fales 3 years, 2 months ago

David, sorry but I don't have time to be on this website constantly to respond quickly back to info requested of me. I was not one of the forming members of CadreLawrence but if my old memory recalls me correctly it was formed by Zak Bolick, Gary Rexroad, Jeremy Farmer and Alex Delaney. They then asked others to the board.

I don't believe CadreLawrence has ever had access to any information prior to the newspaper printing information. If the group was to hear about a project that would boost the economy of Lawrence and felt like it meets the mission of the group, they work with various sources to get the education information of the project. Zak and Gary could provide you more information on this.

No, CadreLawrence is not a 501C3 organization.

No, I will not mention the name of the candidate who has shown their true colors. That is between me and the individual.

I believe Zak was able to provide you examples of how Lawrence is a better place on your other article that you have commented on. I would have cited the same examples.

Samantha, any other questions, please PM, text or call me on my phone. I will most likely not have any other time this week to read replies on here. So if you would like a response, please PM, text or call. Thank you.

Philipp Wannemaker 3 years, 2 months ago

Just came down Inverness by school. Seems either Stan or his supporters are having a rally. Lots of illegal parking blocking thru traffic. but not a cop in site. Wonder why.

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