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Lawrence Humane Society finds homes for dozens of pets after lifting adoption fees

June 6, 2015


Dozens of dogs and cats were placed into homes Saturday after the Lawrence Humane Society lifted dog adoption fees for several hours, said Executive Director Kate Meghji.

Dog adoption fees were lifted between 11:30 a.m. and 3 p.m., Meghji said. But even after the hours expired, people kept coming in to adopt animals. In addition, through the end of June, adult cat adoption fees have been reduced to $10 per cat.

In total, 44 pets found homes, Meghji said, 30 dogs and 14 cats.

"It was remarkable. I've never seen anything like that ever," she said.

In recent weeks, surrounding animal shelters have asked the Lawrence Humane Society to take in animals, but they've been too full to help the organizations out, Meghji said. Lifting and reducing adoption fees was one way of placing a lot of pets into good homes in a short amount of time and freeing up space within the shelter.

To put the day in perspective, Meghji said the Humane Society typically adopts out five animals a day, 10 on a very busy day.

Saturday's numbers were unprecedented, she added.

"People just kept coming in," she said. "It was super successful, and I'm sure if we get full again we'll do it again."


Richard Crank 2 years, 10 months ago

I presume the folks who hollered about the price of "Penny's puppies" are silent today, maybe thinking they were somehow "right."

I understand this was need-driven and I refuse to complain that I paid $500 for Bill just two weeks ago, but those complaints were just plain off base.

Apologies to the Humane Society if anyone thinks I'm speaking on their behalf ... I'm not.

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