Missouri man in wedged-truck incident charged with DUI, recklessness and driving while a habitual violator

The Missouri man accused of drunkenly ramming a Chevy truck up a sidewalk and onto a pedestrian railing in North Lawrence Thursday was charged Friday with three misdemeanors in connection with the incident.

A driver and passenger of a large Chevy truck walk away as the vehicle sits overturned and wedged on the sidewalk that runs along the east side of North Second Street just north of the intersection of North Second and Locust streets, Thursday, July 23, 2015.

Roy Price Bullard, 63, of Slater, Mo., was charged in Douglas County District Court with driving under the influence, reckless driving and driving while a habitual violator. Court records indicate Bullard has a prior DUI conviction.

In court Friday, Bullard told District Judge Paula Martin that he “hadn’t been in trouble for 10 years,” though his driver’s license was revoked. Bullard also claimed that he “was supposed to get his license back next week.”

Martin told Bullard she would consider those circumstances when deciding on his bond amount.

Prosecutors asked the judge to also take into consideration the “egregious” circumstances of the DUI charge. While he was allegedly driving northbound in the 400 block of North Second Street under the influence of alcohol, Bullard veered off the road and up a sidewalk concrete barrier wall on the east side of the road, Lawrence police spokeswoman Kim Murphree said.

The truck appeared to have driven about 50 feet along the concrete wall, ultimately stopping along the top of a steel fence connected to the wall and coming to rest on its side on the sidewalk, propped up by the fence. An open case of beer and an opened beer can were visible inside the truck’s cab Thursday.

It took the city and towing companies about two hours to get the vehicle off the fence. Rush-hour traffic was rerouted or halted for much of that time.

Though no injuries were reported in the wreck, prosecutors said the act endangered public safety. They also said that Bullard has a previous felony DUI conviction and that Bullard “has no local ties.”

Bullard told the judge that he also sometimes stays with his son in Grain Valley, Mo., when he helps him with work. Wayne Hrabe, 40, a passenger in the truck, which displayed an “Affordable Painting” business logo, indicated to police Thursday that Bullard was his father. Hrabe claimed to police on Thursday that he, not Bullard, was actually driving the truck, but Hrabe has not been arrested or cited.

Hrabe, from Grain Valley, is listed as Affordable Painting’s co-owner on the business’ listing in the Better Business Bureau. Police said Thursday that Hrabe owned the wrecked truck.

Martin set Bullard’s bond at $2,500. He was still in the Douglas County Jail as of 4:45 p.m. Friday, but indicated in court that his wife would be calling a bondsman.

Bullard is scheduled to make his next appearance in court on Aug. 4.

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office declined to release Bullard’s booking photo.