Letter: Attack on solar

To the editor:

As part of their latest rate case, Westar has proposed forcing those with solar onto a rate structure with an extra $23-per-month fixed charge while lowering the value for the energy they produce. The proposed solar rate structure is designed to make solar economically unattractive. National studies show that grid-tied solar provides a net financial benefit to the utility and general ratepayer, but without any independent Kansas study, Westar has decided that an arbitrary and punitive solar fee is in order.

Cromwell Solar and The Alliance for Solar Choice each petitioned for a seat at the table to ensure solar installers and customers have their voices heard by the Kansas Corporation Commission in this rate case, but when Westar opposed, the KCC denied our ability to make our case (no other petitioner was denied).

With electric rates climbing dramatically, Kansans’ ability to control their bills using their own roofs is being jeopardized by an energy monopoly. The growing Kansas solar industry welcomes an independent study of the benefits and costs of rooftop solar. The KCC should get all of the facts before acting in a way that will cost jobs and prevent Kansans from controlling energy costs.