Off the Beaten Plate: Waffle Benedict at The Waffle Iron

If, like me, your everyday breakfast consists of two Eggo waffles hastily eaten on the ride to work, a meal at The Waffle Iron is a particularly special occasion.

The Waffle Benedict at The Waffle Iron, 920 Delaware St.

When photographer Richard Gwin and I visited the pop-up restaurant inside Decade coffee shop at 920 Delaware St., we were so overwhelmed by the inventive, ever-changing menu of waffle creations that we decided to sample more than one.

The Waffle Benedict proved to be our favorite, though most of the menu — which switches up every week, on the whim of owner/waffle chef Sam Donnell — could easily take a spot in Off the Beaten Plate.

The savory Benedict waffle is piled high with all the ingredients of — you guessed it — eggs Benedict. How can you go wrong with ham, hollandaise sauce, perfectly poached eggs and a garnish of green onions?

Where to get it:The Waffle Iron, 920 Delaware St. The pop-up kicked off its three-month stint at Decade on Jan. 31. It’s open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

What you’ll pay: $8.50 if you go with the leavened waffle, like we did. All waffles are $5.50 for leavened, $7 for buttermilk and $8.50 for the gluten-free option. The Waffle Benedict is one of the few exceptions — you’ll pay $3 extra for that one.

Try it with: A cup of freshly squeezed juice (I opted for a refreshing carrot-orange-mint beverage) or Decade coffee.

Also on the menu: A rotating selection of waffles, and only waffles. On the day we visited, there were about 10 to choose from, including a PB&J waffle, a sweet potato waffle with ginger meringue, and a waffle topped with brown sugar maple syrup and bacon.

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