East Ninth Project announces commissioned artists

The City of Lawrence has announced the names of eight artists commissioned for work on the East Ninth Project.

A field of 24 applicants was reduced to 12 last week. Those finalists interviewed Friday, and the winners were announced Tuesday.

Lawrence artists Meredith Moore, Rachael Perry, Nick Carswell, Stephen T. Johnson and Zia were chosen for the project’s “East Ninth Artists” public art program.

Three other artists with ties to the region were chosen for the project’s “Integrated Works” program. They are Jarrett Mellenbruch, James Woodfill and Derek Porter.

“This was an extensive and methodical process to select artists best suited to fulfill the vision of this project,” said Porter Arneill, the city’s director of arts and culture. “I want to thank the panelists for their time and expertise in helping to select the artists for this unique project.”

No artists were chosen for the project’s “Try It Out” program. As of July 28, only two artists had applied for up to six spots. As the East Ninth Project progresses, organizers “will revisit the viability of the Try It Out program,” a city news release said.

The project’s design team will host a “Meet the Artists” event at 8 p.m. Wednesday at the Lawrence Creates Makerspace, 512 E. Ninth St.

Commissioned projects

There were three planned commissioned installations as part of the East Ninth Project:

East Ninth Artists:
Up to four artists will be selected in the fields of filmmaking, visual art, photography and music who will work to build a reciprocal relationship with Lawrence residents and create works of art around that exchange to be installed publicly on East Ninth Street.

Integrated Artists: Up to three artists will be selected to explore one of three topics — lighting, public gathering space, and movement — and create works inspired by East Ninth Street and Lawrence.

“Try It Out” event: Up to six “talents” will be selected to participate in a public event on Ninth Street to illustrate how the East Ninth corridor can be used by artists and performers.