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Lawrence attorney Wakefield files to run against Jenkins for Congress

May 22, 2014


— Lawrence attorney Margie Wakefield kicked off her campaign for the Second District congressional seat with a rally in Topeka Thursday in which she lashed out at incumbent Republican Lynn Jenkins.

"Kansas will lead the country this year in a backlash against the extremists and obstructionists that hold elected office now," Wakefield told about 300 supporters shortly after officially filing to put her name on the ballot.

"It's goodbye to the failed policies of the triumvirate of Gov. (Sam) Brownback, his hand-picked Legislature, and do-nothing Lynn Jenkins in Congress," she said.

Margie Wakefield, a Lawrence attorney, speaks to supporters in Topeka after officially filing to run as a Democrat for the Second District congressional seat against incumbent Republican Lynn Jenkins.

Margie Wakefield, a Lawrence attorney, speaks to supporters in Topeka after officially filing to run as a Democrat for the Second District congressional seat against incumbent Republican Lynn Jenkins.

Hours before the event, however, the Jenkins campaign signaled that it was ready for a fight, issuing a statement labeling Wakefield a "divorce attorney," tying her to President Barack Obama and claiming that she had already violated a Federal Election Commission rule.

The Jenkins campaign noted that Wakefield had put out automated telephone calls, known as "robocalls," to announce plans for the rally, but the message failed to include a required disclaimer that it was paid for by her campaign.

"Today, divorce attorney Margie Wakefield stumbled out of the gate by immediately breaking federal laws regulating the conduct of federal elections," the statement said. "While it is perfectly legal to fail to tell Kansans of her steadfast love of Obamacare, federally funded abortions and tax increases in her robocall, failing to include information required by federal campaign law is quite the opposite."

One Wakefield campaign aide conceded it was "a goof" not to include the disclaimer. But Wakefield herself said the phone message made it clear that it was a campaign announcement.

"It certainly was the intent to identify the campaign and comply with the spirit of the law," she said.

Meanwhile, Wakefield went to great lengths to connect Jenkins with the Republican leadership in Congress and last year's partial shutdown of the federal government.

"Just ask our veterans, Army civilians and federal employees in Leavenworth how the pay freezes, the furloughs and the government shutdown affected them," Wakefield said. "My opponent Lynn Jenkins voted for 16 days to shut down our government. I would have known better."

She also took pains to link Jenkins with Brownback and the Kansas Legislature. She noted that Jenkins has supported the Republican leadership's budget plan, which calls for partial privatization of Medicare, the federal health insurance program for the elderly.

"And we've seen how well privatizing worked out with KanCare," Wakefield said, referring to Brownback's program to privatize Medicaid, the joint state and federal health care program for the poor.

Campaign officials said they were pleasantly surprised by the turnout for the rally, which was held at the restored Great Overland Station railroad depot in north Topeka. But voting trends from recent elections show that doing well in Topeka and Lawrence is not enough to win the Second District, which includes all of eastern Kansas outside the Kansas City metropolitan area.

Two years ago, Jenkins won re-election against Democrat Tobias Schlingensiepen with 57 percent of the vote, despite losing in both Topeka and Lawrence, the two biggest population centers in the district.

Wakefield's challenge will be to generate the same kind of enthusiasm in other parts of the district like Leavenworth, Atchison, Ottawa, Pittsburg and Fort Scott, where Jenkins won by substantial margins.

"I think that we can," Wakefield said. "We have been very encouraged by the support that's been showing up for us. People are ready for a change.


Scott Quenette 1 year, 1 month ago

At least Mrs. Wakefield has a license to practice.

Beth Ennis 1 year, 1 month ago

Margie, don't forget about the military and civilians that work at Ft. Riley, they were affected too. I hope you get state wide support. I have e-mailed Ms. Jenkins numerous times and the answers I get back are very seldom directed at my question, but trying to lead me off of the subject. Good luck!

Ned Wolfsosoon 1 year, 1 month ago

If you are part of the 1/3 of the population that is unemployed, vote your conscience.

Mike Ford 1 year, 1 month ago

a divorcee calling out a divorce attorney? really?

Scott Quenette 1 year, 1 month ago

She is clearly still bitter about her own marriage. Not her fault, Lynn.

Raymond Muñoz 1 year, 1 month ago

Sorry, ladies, I'll be voting for Chris Clemmons. To learn more about the Libertarian candidate for Kansas' 2nd District congressional seat visit:

Scott Quenette 1 year, 1 month ago

Sounds like every other Libertarian crackpot. "Constituional rights secretly being stripped away". Why is it that people who hate government always want to work in it?

Julius Nolan 1 year, 1 month ago

Don't know anything about Wakefield, but she's not Jenkins, therefore she has my vote. As for any Libertarian, I'm not willing to waste my vote for a totally hopeless case.

Dorothy Hoyt-Reed 1 year, 1 month ago

Divorce lawyer? That's the worst thing you could say about her? Once she Jenkin's ex's lawyer? As for the robocall, it wasn't a position statement; it was just informing people that she was making her run legally official and there would be a rally. They wanted RSVP's so they could make enough gumbo. Jenkins, whens the last time you made anything for any of your supporters. Why would anyone assume the call was paid for by anyone, but her campaign, unlike the free mailings you get to do your campaigning.

Brett McCabe 1 year, 1 month ago

So Margie, let's get serious and let's win this thing. Get the campaign tightened up, dominate and motivate both Lawrence and Topeka and then pick your locations in the rest of the district.

For us voters, the only way to get a blue state is to get the most blue district in the state back to it's natural color. Give some money, give some time, get the word out and let's get this done!

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