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Police: Man killed in shooting at East 13th and Maple Lane during Mother’s Day cookout

May 11, 2014, 9:59 p.m. Updated May 11, 2014, 10:05 p.m.


A 26-year-old Lawrence man died Sunday after a shooting erupted in east Lawrence, according to Lawrence police.

Lawrence police investigate a shooting Sunday outside an apartment complex at East 13th Street and Maple Lane.

Lawrence police investigate a shooting Sunday outside an apartment complex at East 13th Street and Maple Lane.

Authorities responded to an apartment complex on the corner of East 13th Street and Maple Lane around 6 p.m. in regard to a shooting. There they determined a victim had been transported by family members to Lawrence Memorial Hospital, where he later died from a gunshot wound, according to a news release by Sgt. Trent McKinley, a Lawrence Police Department spokesman.

Officers then learned the description of another individual involved in the shooting and the vehicle the suspect may have been traveling in, the release said. Shortly after, a Douglas County sheriff's deputy observed the vehicle and stopped it in the East Hills Business Park, where an arrest was made, according to McKinley.

The statement said no identification of the victim or suspect would be made Sunday and that additional information would be released Monday morning.

This is the sixth homicide in Lawrence since July 2013.

A witness, Timothy Brown, who is the maintenance technician at the apartment complex, said two men had exchanged shots at each other after getting into an argument.

Brown said about 35 people were outside for a Mother's Day cookout when a man with a shotgun exited a vehicle from the road. The man with the shotgun approached a man from the cookout and an argument ensued, according to Brown.

The man from the crowd produced a pistol and shot the man holding the shotgun, who returned fire, Brown said. Nobody else was shot, he said.

"It's Mother's Day, man," Brown said. "This is insane. There were children out playing."


Tammy Copp-Barta 4 years ago

There is no 13th and Maple - it only runs to 9th street. Do you mean Maple Lane?

Brian Woods 4 years ago

Its the yellow two story apartment complex on the corner of 13th and Maple Ln

Brian Woods 4 years ago

I live a block over and just before 6 I heard 5 shots fired.

Keith Buster 4 years ago

My wife and kids were walking near by when it happened, they were walking around the block. We live two blocks up or so. I heard 3 shots. One shot gun and two pistol shots.

Joshua Montgomery 4 years ago

It is time for our community to start taking steps to combat gun violence.

Stuart Evans 4 years ago

I believe that most of the recent homicides have been perpetrated by something other than guns. Do we need to do something about the kitchen knife problem in this community as well?

Terry Snell II 4 years ago

Its early to comment to deep. If a man approached me with a shotgun, I would waste no time to eliminate the threat. Interested in further details and glad no bystanders were hurt.

Rex Hargis 4 years ago

I agree, let's take steps to combat gun violence. For starters, let's make it illegal to shoot someone-oh, wait.... Okay, let's also make it illegal to discharge a gun in city limits-oh, wait.... Well, let's make some kind of law so people will stop shooting other people!

Scott Morgan 4 years ago

Good one Rex, maybe start enforcing the current laws with a little more urgency. Grandma's trees infringing on a neighbors backyard takes the backseat to rushing this case through the system. Or any case of major violence.

You are so correct though, somebody should add up and list the violations on this one.

Joshua Montgomery 4 years ago

How about:

  1. Lets take steps to combat poverty and provide meaningful employment opportunities.
  2. Lets work to identify habitual offenders and take steps to better supervise their activities.
  3. Lets get our neighborhoods together to help identify at-risk individuals (both victims and shooters) and take steps to intervene to provide them with opportunities.
  4. Lets work with landlords and neighborhoods to ensure that we are not building islands of poverty in an otherwise wealthy community.

All of those things are workable provided that our leadership at city hall takes the issue seriously and begins to expend resources on it.

What we should not do is - nothing. This is how city hall and local law enforcement has handled this outbreak so far and so far it hasn't worked.

Lets not wait until these neighborhoods become blighted and the problems become unsolvable. Lets work to solve them now.

Amy Heeter 4 years ago

Are we going to ask the city for a half mill to do this?

Arnie Bunkers 4 years ago

Everything you say is all fine, but these things really wont work unless the community takes responsibility for behaviors that cause this. Homes with no fathers, rampant drug use, petty crime, these are all choices that have led to continued cycles of poverty. Just not PC to mention it.

Dorothy Hoyt-Reed 4 years ago

And yet, if the man who shot his wife had a better support system, he might not have felt so helpless. Also, let's notice the fact that the crime rate here in Lawrence seems to have gone up a few years after major cuts to education. Programs like the alternative high school and WRAP helped young people, who might not have the best environment at home or had other problems, get on the right track to begin their adult life, so they didn't turn to crime. Instead we have made testing companies rich, so that there is "accountability". True accountability is how they succeed in adulthood, not whether or not they remember the difference between a simile and a metaphor. Coincidence? And this from a language teacher who likes grammar and knowing the difference between a metaphor and a simile, but is also aware that for some it's just not a necessary skill.

Clifton Clay 4 years ago

Man this is so crazy the victim was a brother of mines!! R.i.P bro

Dawn Davis 4 years ago

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Janice Hapes 4 years ago

My oldest daughter just so happened to be there with my grand daughters.Thank you Jesus nobody else was injured! She couldn't leave until the investigation was over.Last I talked to her was around 9:45 or so.Thank god my middle daughter took my oldest grand daughter with her! So sorry for your loss.

Fred Whitehead Jr. 4 years ago

Guns, guns, we all gotta have guns!!!! Governor Brownback wants us all to have guns to shoot back. If you voted for this idiot, you need your GUNS!!!! Do it today!!!!!!

Leslie Swearingen 4 years ago

Nothing could have prevented this from happening. You have someone who picked up a loaded weapon and went looking for someone that they were really mad at. This person who was also armed responded in kind.

This case has nothing to do with socio-economic factors or any other terminology you choose to use. Best just to accept reality for what it is. At the end of the day we are all people.

For every action there is a reaction.

Melinda Henderson 4 years ago

Leslie, do you know anything about this specific incident, or the neighborhood in general? If not, please don't spout your theories about "socio-economic factors etc." and tell us we just need to "accept reality".

Leslie Swearingen 4 years ago

I know nothing about the killing or the neighborhood. I am saying that book solutions to real life problems don't always work.

Kevin Elliott 4 years ago

that is not what you said, you said NOTHING could have prevented this.

Kathleen Christian 4 years ago

Yes some of this could have been prevented by not renting to the type of people this Landlord rents to. He knows there is drug problems in this complex yet he does little or nothing to curtail it. He makes no effort to evict those sort of people. The place is trashed most of the time. Kids running amuck and tearing up the place. It's the ghetto with the mentality of the ghetto. This shooting was an accident waiting to happen. I'm surprised it hasn't happened there sooner. I wish the city would clean up this area and put some pressure on this Landlord to take better care of the place and rent to better caliber of people instead of the misfits he lets live there. I'm sorry if I sound harsh but this is how I see it.

Melinda Henderson 4 years ago

Hmmm. Wonder if the new rental registration ordinance can help with this. The neighbors are terribly upset about this, for sure, and I doubt they'll just do nothing and hope it goes away. Time for more action from Brook Creek neighborhood!

Arnie Bunkers 4 years ago

'Cept the Landlord gets sued for discrimination if he dont rent to the folk who want to rent. Happens all the time in Topeka, then they just settle for cash

Amy Heeter 4 years ago

I know about that complex and its a dump. Rampant with drugs., noise & violence. The landlord is out if the country. He just hired property managemenr to run the place.

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