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Koch brothers’ lobbyist linked to green energy foe

May 9, 2014


— A lobbyist says he did a personal favor to aid the formation of a new group opposing a Kansas green-energy requirement for utilities, fueling criticism that a recent postcard campaign against the rule on behalf of seniors was actually orchestrated by the conservative billionaire Koch brothers' main political organization and the powerful Kansas Chamber of Commerce.

State Director Jeff Glendening said Wednesday that Americans for Prosperity, the anti-tax, small-government group backed by Charles and David Koch, had nothing to do with postcards sent out opposing the standards. But on Thursday, Glendening told The Wichita Eagle he forgot to mention that he helped link attorney W. Robert Alderson with Virginia Crossland-Macha, the founder of the Kansas Senior Consumer Alliance which sent the postcards.

Glendening said he was not acting in his official capacity as AFP's state leader.

"There's no formal connection between AFP and this group. There really isn't, other than yes, we agreed on the RPS (energy standards) issue. I don't know what other issues they're going to take up," Glendening said. "I've known Virginia for years and she simply asked about forming a group and I connected the two and that was it."

There's been no allegation that the group's formation violated lobbying or campaign finance rules, but questions have been raised about its origin and who was behind the postcard campaign.

A western Kansas legislator who supports the renewable standard accused the Kansas Senior Consumer Alliance of using scare tactics to influence older residents. Rep. Don Hineman, a Dighton Republican, also questioned the new group's independence.

"If it's truly a grassroots organization of senior citizens, where's the money coming from?" Hineman said. "It's not a cheap deal to produce all of those postcards and mail them throughout the state. That's a substantial undertaking."

The Kansas Chamber of Commerce and AFP deny collaborating with the postcards, though they share the same policy view as Crossland-Macha's organization.

The alliance sent mailers to residents in several House members' districts last week supporting repeal of the state's standards, which require utility companies to get 20 percent of their power from renewable sources by 2020. AFP and other groups tried unsuccessfully to convince legislators to repeal the standards before the 2014 session ended early on May 3.

Wind energy proponents say the RPS has helped produce jobs and investment in Kansas and that state studies show the requirement has had a minimal impact on electric rates.

Groups including the Kansas Chamber of Commerce, AFP and American Legislative Exchange Council, are pushing for repeal, saying the RPS produces an unfair advantage for wind energy companies and increases electric rates.

Renewable energy mandates have caused prices of energy to increase by .21 of a penny per killowatt-hour, according to 2014 Kansas Corporation Commission report, meaning the average Kansas household paid about $1.90 more a month because of the renewable portfolio standards.

Kansas Senior Consumer Alliance said in the postcards that keeping the renewable standards would drive up electric rates for older residents. The address on the cards is that of Crossland-Macha, a conservative GOP activist from Iola. She is the sister of Ivan Crossland, the chairman of the Kansas Chamber of Commerce.

Alan Cobb, former state director of AFP in Kansas, is the lobbyist for Kansas Senior Consumer Alliance. Cobb and Crossland-Macha denied AFP had any ties to the legislative postcards.

Glendening said he was asked what the process was for organizing a group and suggested Alderson to help.

"It was a personal thing. It was not an AFP thing. She approached me, 'How do you this?'" Glendening said.

Attorney Alderson said that AFP wasn't behind the new group, but said he did help the group navigate the filings to become a registered entity.

"I drew up the papers and my office serves as the registered agent," Alderson said.

Journal-World reporter Scott Rothschild contributed to this story.


Richard Heckler 4 years ago

The Chamber of Commerce is a money laundering firm for Koch/ALEC/Americans for Prosperity from time to time.

The chamber of Commerce should not be allowed to use that name ever. They are a money laundering PAC.

Kendall Simmons 4 years ago

The Kansas Senior Consumer Alliance has no website, no email address, no phone number. Gee, what a surprise.

Of course, a search of the Sec. State's website reveals the organization's business mailing address and it belonged to...guess who...W. ROBERT ALDERSON - 2101 S.W. 21ST STREET, TOPEKA, KS 66604. (I read somewhere else that someone had found the Iola address of Virginia Crossland-Macha, the founder of this alleged organization, but I haven't found that yet, so can't write her directly.)

The organization was registered less than 3 weeks ago...April 24, 2014. That's long enough to at least get a darned email address. I mean, it was long enough to hire a lobbyist!! Of course, that would be assuming that Crossland-Macha wanted anything more than a front.

I'm going to write and ask, as the senor citizen and parent/grandparent/great-grandparent I am, for more information on the "group". I don't think I should hold my breath, though.

Dorothy Hoyt-Reed 4 years ago

Let us know if you find out anything. This grandmother would like to send a letter to these people too.

MerriAnnie Smith 4 years ago

Slimy Tea Party politics - as usual.

Dorothy Hoyt-Reed 4 years ago

There is only one thing that could make anyone against green renewable energy, either solar, wind or water. Money. And not the around $2.00 more that we pay for changes. I'm talking about the already rich oil and coal people who just want more money. They could care less about future generations. They know they will be dead before these non renewable resources run out, so they don't have to live with the consequences. They just want even more money than they already have. More money than they could ever spend. Their grandchildren may inherit that money, but they won't be able to eat, drink or breathe it. These people are just immoral, greedy, self centered people. If I was a child or grandchild of these people, I would ask why their parents don't love them? Jeff Glendening, why do you hate your children? Do you have grandchildren? Why do you hate them?

4 years ago

I've seem this postcard... not a senior I know would have supported such an absurd repeal of green energy... can we say fraudulent? This kind of bile (add your own swear word here...) has got to be prosecuted (every move big oil & big banks make seems to be "step on their necks" legal) or We The People will continue to be jacked...forever. Vote them all out. Start the conspiracy to vote them the hell out. Let's make our own postcards...

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