The Fashion Column Twins: The best graduation dresses

A maxi dress from Hobbs

A lace dress from Nordstrom Rack

A white dress from Urban Outfitters

A shift dress from Target

Graduation is a time to break out the spring dresses that have been hanging in your closet all winter long, or, better yet, go shopping for a new one!

An all-in-one piece like a dress is a great option to have on hand when your social calendar starts filling up. Since it’s a celebration, you want to show that through your style.

Even if you’re not graduating, you still want to look nice if you’re attending a party or a ceremony. We’ve rounded up some fabulous styles that are not only perfect for this special celebration but also right on trend for spring.

The Maxi Dress

A maxi dress is for you ladies who love to dress up but be completely comfortable. There are so many different styles and prints of maxis out there for you to choose from. For spring, try something feminine with a ruffle detail and a side slit.

A cotton dress isn’t as dressy as one made of chiffon or a silky fabric, so it all depends on the occasion. If it’s too long, throw on a pair of heels or wedges so the bottom barely hits the ground. You can opt for flats or strappy sandals if it’s already the perfect length.

Lovely Lace

Lace is a huge trend for spring, so if you see anything made with lace, grab it. Light pastel colors are also popular this season, so look for something delicate with a feminine color.

The lace dress can be sleeveless or with sleeves depending on the weather and your own personal taste. Either way, you can’t go wrong with an all-lace number!

Classic White

A classic white dress is always a go-to option for us in spring (except for weddings). It’s perfect for a graduation event because you can dress it up or down as much as you want.

Throw on some statement accessories or wear something minimal. Either way, this classic piece will always keep you in style for spring and summer.

Shift dress

A shift dress is another classic style, but is a little more conservative.

We love this style worn with a pair of heels or wedge sandals and a bold statement necklace.

We would stick with shoes that have a heel rather than a flat style because this dress has more of a sophisticated feel.

A tan trench coat will complement this dress well if the weather decides to cool down.

— Emily and Elizabeth Kennedy are twin sisters and fashion bloggers who share a blog called Fashion Column Twins. Emily writes this column. They can be reached at