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Editorial: Come clean

The community deserves some better answers about why a popular high school coach was fired.

May 2, 2014


It’s time for someone to come clean with the public and disclose the reason why Lawrence High School basketball coach Mike Lewis was fired.

This situation has been handled poorly and unfairly by LHS Principal Matt Brungardt, LHS Athletic Director Bill DeWitt, school board members and Superintendent Rick Doll.

It’s obvious the coach had a winning record this past year; it’s obvious his players have high praise for the man; and it’s obvious parents of the players approve of how the coach works with his players.

So, why was he fired? The longer the principal, athletic director, superintendent and school board stonewall the public, the greater the damage to the school and to those involved in the firing because ugly suspicions start entering the picture.

Was he fired because he didn’t win enough games, because some non-players didn’t like his play-calling, because he didn’t work closely with the lower level of high school basketball players, because someone at LHS has an eye on another out-of-town high school coach, because of his personal conduct or is there some other issue?

Have members of the school board been told why Lewis was fired? Who has the ultimate say on whether a coach is fired: the principal, athletic director, superintendent or the school board?

This matter has been allowed to grow into a much larger and more damaging issue than it should have, primarily due to the actions or lack of openness by school officials.

It doesn’t reflect well on LHS leaders or school board members.


David Reber 4 years, 1 month ago

Yep, it's a mess. An obnubilating, rumor-rousing, morale-mashing mess.

Ever wonder why we haven't seen this sort of thing happen with classroom teachers in the past 50+ years?

Give ya a hint: Due process.

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