Lawrence and Douglas County

Lawrence and Douglas county

Trash day to change next week for many Lawrence residents

May 1, 2014


Lawrence residents, you now have some new help to take out the trash: your smart phone.

You may need it too, because beginning Tuesday about half of all residents will experience a change in the day they set out their trash for pick up. The changes are part of the city's plan for implementing a new curbside recycling program, which will begin in October.

To help people remember their new trash days, employees in the city's information technology department have created a new text or email alert system that will send you a reminder about when you're supposed to set out your trash.

"We'll send it to you the evening before or the morning of, whichever one you choose," said Megan Gilliland, the city's communications manager. "It should make it pretty easy for people to remember their trash day."

People can sign up for the alerts by logging onto An e-mail address is needed to use the system, and users can choose to have the alerts sent to their phone or an email account.

For people wanting to check whether their trash day has changed, the city has a map at, or you can look at the interactive map below. For the past two weeks, the city has attached Post-It notes to the trash cans that are along routes that will change.

But even residents who aren't experiencing a change in day are being reminded to have their trash set out by 7 a.m. The changes will make it likely that trash crews will arrive at homes at different times than in the past, said Kathy Richardson, the city's solid waste division manager.

Generally, the city is expanding its residential trash service to run Tuesday through Friday. Previously, there were no residential pick-ups on Friday. Monday will continue to be the day that all residents set out yard waste collections.

Curbside recycling services will begin on Oct. 21. Recycling and trash will be collected on the same day for residents, although recycling will be picked up on an every-other-week basis, while trash will continue to be picked up weekly. The text and email notification system will be available to help people remember which week they are supposed to set out their recycling, Gilliland said.

Google Map

New trash routes

Click on the different colored areas to see what day of the week your trash will be picked up. Source: City of Lawrence Solid Waste Management division.


Clint Church 4 years ago

How do you know if your trash can needs to be facing the street?

Leslie Swearingen 4 years ago

Forgive me, Clint, but I did not know that trash cans have a front and a back. Can you explain please? Thanks.

Kevin Kohls 4 years ago

I try to always put them so the side midway down with the short metal bar is facing the street. Their latch can then easily grab it so they don't have to spin it which slows them.

Leslie Swearingen 4 years ago

Thanks Kevin, learned something today.

Nikki May 4 years ago

I promise to have my trash too full from the nearly two weeks it will be in there instead of the usual one week.

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