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Alleged conspirator of 2012 botched home invasion sentenced to probation

March 28, 2014


A Douglas County judge sentenced one of three men arrested after a 2012 botched home invasion to one year of probation on Friday.

Alexander C. Eftekhar, 23, was sentenced after being found guilty of attempted aggravated robbery and attempted aggravated burglary in January. Eftekhar had been charged alongside Connor McKenzie Mayhan and Andrew Michael Johns in connection with a botched home invasion in the 1200 block of New Jersey Street in December 2012 during which a firearm was discharged and struck Mayhan.

On Friday, Assistant District Attorney James McCabrie called the conspiracy a “boneheaded plan.”

A former Kansas University student, Eftekhar is now a junior at Wichita State University. Prosecutors allege that Eftekhar conceived the plan to rob a drug dealer, although Eftekhar’s lawyer, Richard Ney, disputed that account. During Eftekhar's July 2013 preliminary hearing, Mayhan testified that he and Eftekhar conspired to rob a man they believed to be a drug dealer at his home, believing the man would have up to $30,000 in cash.

“What matters is he created a situation where a gunshot was discharged,” McCabrie said.

In addition to probation, McCabrie asked for two days in jail to drive home the point, but District Judge Peggy Kittel did not impose that condition, commonly called “shock time.”

“Either you’re going to make it or you’re not,” she said.

Eftekhar apologized Friday, saying he regretted the incident “more than he could explain.” In response, Kittel recalled the looks on family members’ faces as the details of the case were shared during the preliminary hearing. She recalled their “disbelief that a young man they sent to Lawrence to go to college was involved in a robbery with a gun and a shooting.”

Mayhan will be sentenced April 4 after pleading guilty to an amended charge of felony conspiracy to commit robbery as part of plea negotiations. Johns, who allegedly drove the men to the home, also will be arraigned that day.


Matthew Herbert 4 years, 1 month ago

You go to someone's house to steal their stuff....with a gun...shoot the gun, hitting another person in the process and our court system can't be troubled to give you TWO DAYS in prison? Ridiculous. We can either send a clear message as a society to these community destroying thugs, or we can continue to enable their behavior.

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