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Kansas Senate passes bill barring Medicaid expansion

March 26, 2014


— The Republican-dominated Kansas Senate wants to indefinitely extend a ban on expanding the state’s Medicaid program in line with the federal health care overhaul.

Senators approved a bill on a 33-7 vote Tuesday night saying the state couldn’t expand Medicaid unless the Legislature approves the policy. The measure goes to the House.

A ban included last year in budget legislation is set to expire with the appropriations law in July 2015.

Medicaid provides health coverage for the needy and disabled. Supporters note that an expansion would help thousands of poor, working Kansans and that the federal government promises to pick up most of the cost.

But GOP lawmakers see the 2010 federal health care law championed by Democratic President Barack Obama as burdensome and likely to harm the economy.


Greg Cooper 4 years, 2 months ago

"State Sen. Rob Olson, R-Olathe, blamed the standards for increased electric costs and said it was an ill-advised government mandate that gave wind energy an advantage."

Bullhockey. As I have pointed out, even the legislature's own research department attributes miniscule relationship between this so-called "mandate" and rising costs of electricity. As to giving wind an advantage, it does by creating jobs, capital, and access to cheaper power.

This is a prime example of doing away with something that benefits the general welfare in favor of the corporate welfare of oil-producers.

OK, Kansas voters, is this the way you want your state run (into the ground)? If so, do as you did in the last election: NOTHING. If not, you have to work at it. You need to contact your legislators, both House and Senate. You have to talk to your friends and neighbors. and you have to VOTE!

Otherwise, they win and we lose.

James Nelson 4 years, 2 months ago

Every person in Kansas knows someone adversely affected by this vote in the Kansas senate. As a U.S. taxpayer I am sick and tired of deranged state politicians forcing me to subsidize healthcare for the poor and otherwise unfortunate in other states without the same people in Kansas also being able to participate. This is a closed-minded way to proceed with healthcare in Kansas.

I refused to believe for several years that Kansas republicans would rather yank food from the mouths of children while refusing to adequately educate them, display the ugliest side of greed and selfishness while fully expecting the state's help to cram their religious views down every one else's throats and deny to the poor the right to the same healthcare that they enjoy rather than to support a duly elected democrat President. The lengths some people will go to in order to appease their bruised political egos is not only often unconstitutional, it is fast becoming outright dangerous.

Now I know that all republicans don't agree with these silly selfish moves by state party leaders. The fact is that a large chunk of Kansas republicans, together with a majority of independents and a large majority of democrats could EASILY bring back a sensible legislature that would stand somewhere in the middle. I would think that the average Kansas republican would feel empowered and independent enough to recognize how much money the Koch brothers are saving each year under Brownback's state income tax "experiment". The real problem has been that most republicans have voted for the selfish, greedy "Koch brothers" money behind so many of the legislative races. Good people of Kansas, beware! What's good for the Koch brothers does not mean its also good for you. Elect sensible, honest people to the legislature. In today's world that does not mean the person who spends the most ad money.

I used to think that push would come to shove in Kansas. I now think it has already come to shove. More are starting to completely ignore anything coming out of the mouths of their political adversaries and are fearing the approach of a smiling member of the opposition who has already proven they will pat you on the back with one hand while gutting you with a knife with the other. More tempers are flaring. Their have been several examples of denying the opposition opportunities for further discussion on issues.

More than ever before, we need to stand up for Kansas.

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